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CJ Warren & Fre$h – Fre$h Jays EP

You know I’m still on that hip-hop flow so I got some more for ya trailing Monday from CJ Warren & Fre$h, for the rest of the EP click here.  Hip-hop relaxes me, it’s like adult story time for me, if it’s good, comes from the heart and speaks some solid truth for the person […]

Flume – Intro (Featuring Stalley)

I cannot stress the appeal of this man enough. Amazing producer and releasing work which is pushing the envelope for symphonic production and collaboration. Flume, or Harley Streten, has worked with the likes of Disclosure and Ta-ku this past year and has continued to release collaborative and solo work that makes us move and dance […]

The XX – Intro (KO Remix)

This track is so sexy, and there is a crazy energy about it that just resonates through your whole body. The track really speaks for itself to be honest. It has that end of the world anthem, life flashing before your eyes, those blissful minutes right after the most amazing sex you have ever had. […]