Cold War Kids – I’ve Seen Enough

I like the emotion in this track, I had to listen to it for a few days to understand it for myself.  I think this is about being tired of the same old routine and I’m not just talking about for our self but the way the world has been functioning for centuries.  The same wars, same political problems which I am not even going to get into because I can’t deal with politics, fashion coming in and out but not really changing a whole lot if you look back.

We are human beings!  We have to start coming up with fresh new ideas, and stop repeating history.  I don’t know about you but I am always trying to come up with weird new ways to change the way the world is working, but its about getting people to listen to you and want to expand on your ideas, so speak up.  I definitely have new and improved ideas on music that I know is going to blow your minds, but be patient my friends, its coming!

I’ve seen enough of nothing new
The blacker stain on history or last laugh blues
Not gonna fight, not gonna cry
Not gonna shop around for one flag to fly”

This track and the drums makes me want to walk down the street in some big boots like I don’t give a damn and hold my head high, I love how the beat of a song can do that to your mood.  I wish I could go stomping around the city right now in this lovely sunshine but I gotta run to Brooklyn for a movie shoot.

I couldn’t leave you guys hangin’ another day without some good music, so press play and get your own ideas flowin’…Enjoy!

Cold War Kids – I’ve Seen Enough