Of Montreal – Gallery Piece

There’s a thin line, between love and hate” – The Persuaders

I have a million songs to get to but I’ll start with an old favorite Of Montreal song called Gallery Piece. Not so simply put, this song is about a passionate, dysfunctional, obsessive, thrilling and extremely romantic relationship. I’m not a fan of drama but there’s no denying the thrill of an emotionally diverse and complex relationship.

I’ve only been in love once for many reasons but mainly because only one person has made me feel a million different things that all somehow come back to the same conclusion – I still really like this person. Usually you meet someone and you get that initial feel good rush that quickly fades and then you could care less about the person, but when you meet someone special the ups and downs, questions, emotions, lust, dreams etc are never ending. Anyways, to me, the lyrics to Gallery Piece are quite amusing and represent the mind of someone who is irrevocably in love, enjoy.

I wanna be your love, I wanna make you cry and sweep you off your feet
I wanna hurt your pride, I wanna slap your face, I wanna paint your nails
I wanna make you scream, I wanna braid your hair, I wanna kiss your friends
I wanna make you laugh, I wanna dress the same, I wanna defend you
I wanna squeeze your thighs, I wanna kiss your eyelids and corrupt your dreams…

I wanna turn you on, I wanna make you cum two hundred times a day
I wanna dry your tears every time you’re sad, I wanna be your what’s happening…”

Of Montreal – Gallery Piece

Of Montreal – Gallery Piece (Jon Brion Remix)