Karmadella – Wait For You (Feat. Connor Mac)

There’s sooo many different styles of music these days. Yes, that’s an understatement, so now i’ll overstate it: There’s sub-genres, sub-genres of the sub-genre, sub-genres of the cousin of the dad’s sisters sub-genre. The worm hole gets deeper every day. It’s fantastic in a general sense, the concept of creators being able to create and release their art any time, any day. But in action, the internet has become a wasteland of mediocre ideas and ragged execution. That’s why blogs are so valuable right now, they wade through the muck for you and deliver you the gems (takes a bow).

There’s one simple concept that threads together all of the different styles of music, and doesn’t make it so overwhelming to dive into. An old friend said it best when I was excitedly telling him about some hot new highly anticipated release. “Yeah, but is it dope though?” And that ladies and gentlemen is the question you need to ask yourself about any art, or really anything in life for that matter. First you’re responsible for developing the refined taste one needs to properly answer the question “but is it dope though?” Once you’ve acquired “the taste” (some are born with it, some have to learn it), then you can run everything through the “is it dope though” filter. All of a sudden there’s not a million styles of music, there’s one style of music. DOPE music. All art has a level of inarguable “dopeness” that some can feel and some can’t. But if it’s dope, it’s dope. That’s objective, not subjective as far as I’m concerned. There is a base level truth in dopeness.

All that said, “Wait For You” by Karmadella is just that – “dope.” It’s not mind-blowing, it’s not begging me to listen to it over and over, but the DNA of “dopeness” is clearly weaved through the song. It’s cool, smooth, sleek, smart, subtle and sophisticated. You know, the treasured “5 S’s.” The drop is straight butter and the overall soundscape simply feels like something you need and want to be a part of. Good job fellas, you passed the “But is it dope though” test, which isn’t easy.

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