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EMPT Presents: Le Miel du Mois Decembre Best of 2013

I can’t lie, I’ve had this tape since mid December. I did have an extremely busy end of the year and going back to NYC for two weeks didn’t exactly help my productivity but that really has nothing to do with it. In fact this tape has been complete since Steph first sent it over. […]

Lafayette – Mauvaise Mine (Jupiter reMix)

Now this is a tie loosener and I mean that in the, “it’s Friday, you just got out of work and you’re about to trip the light fantastic with friends, confidants, and a few fun strangers you’ve yet to make the acquaintance and the suit is staying but you’re getting ready to wild out a […]

EMPT Presents: Le Miel du Mois Mars 2013

Chances, people tell you not to take chances When they tell you there aren’t any answers And I was starting to agree But I awoke suddenly in the path of a lightning bolt” They want us to define ourselves, to pick a side, choose a lane, walk around proud of those beliefs, confident and unwavering […]

BB Brunes – Stéréo (Jupiter Remix)

Warning: Ingesting this remix of BB Brunes’ Stéréo may cause extreme acts of jubilance and elation.  Only take French nu-disco producer Jupiter’s remix of Stéréo if you: Can handle funky slap-bass lines that dig into your lower body Accept brightly disco-influenced guitar riffs Dig deep, groovily vocoded samples Are in need of 3 minutes and […]

Jupiter – Saké

Kitsuné is something like the soundtrack to Parisian highlife. Their compilations are the most surefire way to hip yourself on the future of Parisian music. Their artists not only make the music played in the happening spots but they’re also the DJ’s that play it – talk about owning the scene. I remember someone once telling […]

The Twelves – Episode II

The Twelves have released 3 fantastic mixtapes and so far I’ve posted two and it’s been one of the most downloaded files on this site. The time has come to complete the series with yet another jewel, Episode II. Aside from Steph Lund’s Le Miel du Mois (recently crowned mixtape goddess on The Clink), I […]