.dxf – Efira

Do you remember that trippy, super depressing short film MORE? It was the one with the little stop-motion dude going through life in a factory, being super disillusioned with his life before becoming his own worst enemy? I was obsessed with it years ago, mainly cause of that brooding fucking song that I couldn’t get out of my head. I had no idea who it was by so I downloaded the short film through a YouTube converter and would watch it on repeat and be on the verge of crying nine times out of ten… Years later I found out that was “Elegia” by New Order (who would end up becoming one of my favorite bands) but I could never hear the song without thinking of MORE…so when I heard “Efira” by .dxf I was taken *straight* back to that short film.

I don’t think it’s a sample of “Elegia,” but the synth on this song has a similar sound… it feels like another view on being depressed and disillusioned in our weird technological world, now with a strange autotuned flow and thumping undertow. And usually I don’t care about music videos, but the video for “Efira” drives that home with a crazy balance between rough graphics and darkness.

“Efira” isn’t postpunk by any means, but to be real I honestly think we’re looking at 2017’s answer to “Elegia”…

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