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EMPT Classic: Kanye West – Welcome To Heartbreak ft. Kid Cudi

We posted this track a while back, like way back, normally we would post the original and write something above it, but we are in the future now and I am doing things a little differently with this  EMPT Classic because I really dig the video which we never featured.  The title of the original […]

EMPT Classics: Say Goodbye to Hollywood

No I’m not leaving LA but I was curating the music for a latin restaurant called Paladar Latin Kitchen this morning and I came across one of my al time favorite songs – La Fama by Hector Lavoe. The song is about Fame and all it’s complexities, a salsa classic. In this world, when you chase something […]

The Soundmen – Funny Feeling (Panic City Remix)

There ain’t many intricacies to this one. It’s a big room progressive house remix. Since the original is a pop song we might as well not delve into the meaning of it. Let’s stop at how its catchiness is good enough for us to sing it behind closed doors. But, you see, it’s The Soundmen’s […]

Kid Cudi – Falling Star (R3K Remix)

Not only am I a huge Kid Cudi fan but this remix is F*&ing Filthy, and again for all of you that don’t know that term it means too great for words..I’ll be using this word a lot when I think something is amazing! So now that we have that clear lets move on to […]

Kid CuDi – CuDi Zone (KillaGraham Remix)

CuDi Zone is hands down my favorite song from Man on The Moon. CuDi has a very clever way of blending concepts of ambition and dreams with his love for smoking Mary Jane. However, if you manage to listen through the fog you’ll find endless gems and insight worthy of some serious rumination. The original Cudi […]

EMPT & Present: Gold For Breakfast Vol. 1 by Casey Mendoza

I hope ya’ll are in a party mood because today EMPT & announce the first mixtape from new DJ/production group Casey Mendoza, aka myself and Kevin Casey. If you’ve been to one of our Noctambule parties the energy in this tape will bring you back to the debauchery and possibly make you start jumping […]

Kanye West – Good Friday (feat. Common, Pusha T, Kid Cudi, Big Sean & Charlie Wilson)

I’ve been holding back on the Good Friday songs simply because everyone’s been posting them so what’s the point. However, when I heard Kanye’s verse on the B.E.T. awards freestyle I had to show some love. The lyrics aren’t up anywhere and the other verses might have made you turn it off before hearing Kanye’s […]

Kid CuDi – REVOFEV (New Single)

I’m your big brother!” CuDi was arrested last Friday and charged with felony criminal mischief and possession of a controlled substance after the cops were called to respond to a disturbance. Basically, he was wasted and went to a girls apartment but she wouldn’t let him in, so he knocked down her door and then smashed […]

KiD CuDi

CuDi was at our last Noctambule party which I haven’t really gotten a chance to talk about with all the bizz going on. The party was a success, the place was packed but the damn AC blew out at The Eldridge which made it hard to stay inside for too long. Thanks to everyone that […]

KiD CuDi Ft. MGMT – Pursuit Of Happiness (Slink’s Hangover Remix)

As melancholic as it is KiD CuDi’s music is, it’s a nice break from dance mania that’s taken over music. Man on The Moon didn’t get the commercial recognition it deserved but it was without a doubt one of last years best albums. The official video for Soundtrack To My Life was released last week […]