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A-Trak, Kimbra, Mark Foster – Warrior (What So Not Remix)

Now this is a trio I was not expecting. New Zealand darling, Kimbra with Canadian wunderkind, A-Trak, and Foster The People’s Mike Foster on one track? Add a whole other level of hype with the duo behind What So Not and we have on our hands a solid track to turn the lights off, turn […]

Gotye ft. Kimbra – Somebody That I Used To Know (KLar & PF Remix)

The elasticity of this song’s lyrics and vocals is proven when it can reach the far far away balearic sea’s sounds. You know, because of the whole balearic disco genre that this supposedly belongs to. And who else than the master of balearic disco than KLar to treat us this beautifully served dish. When you […]

Kimbra – Come Into My Head

We call people nuts all the time. It’s something about that notion I was talking about the other day, the one about being afraid of our inner mind’s darkness. It’s funny that the mind is only capable of showing what it contains via distinct behavior that we choose (or sometimes not choose) to display. That […]

Kimbra – Build Up (George Fitzgerald Remix)

It’s raining here in New York and the sky is the most incredible shade of grey. The clouds are moving fast and hazy light beams peak through with the breaks in the approaching storm. I decided to walk my way home to my apartment today despite the rain and actually enjoyed not having an umbrella […]

Kimbra – Settle Down (Polaris At Noon Remix)

I was listening to this in my car last night while driving to meet some friends in Santa Barbara for a show and I did one of those double takes at my stereo, like DAMN this beat has some kick.  This track is great on it’s own, I don’t know why I have been putting […]

Le Miel du Mois by Steph Lund: Janvier 2012

I’m in Cali, the weather is nice, I’m renewing my love for the grind, so many pretty girls, feeling healthy and I’m flying up and down these streets in my A5 with the… Top like a rock star, I got a fast car  We can cruise the city, doin’ a buck-sixty … – Jay-Z To top it off Steph just […]

Kimbra – Settle Down

“Is the sweetheart you married the husband you expected him to be?” Spending a week in the Dominican Republic with family and then coming back to the city sure has made me realize that people here in New York seem…individualistic compared to the folks there. I don’t say this in a negative way. I’m not […]

Kimbra – Settle Down (Penguin Prison Remix)

I got a press release last week telling me about the Penguin Prison Remix of Kimbra’s Settle Down. I overlooked it then but boy am I glad I went back for that one because this song is up there and I’m not just talking about the remix – here’s the video for the original… I […]

Miami Horror – I Look To You (Feat. Kimbra)

Here I am again in the city With a fist full of dollars and baby you gotta believe: I’m back! Back in the New York groove I’m back Back in the New York groove… – Hello (1975, New York Groove) I just spent an overdue weekend out in South Hampton and who knew what a […]