Las Aves – Worth It

“Worth It” has the building tension of an electronic club song with the release of Purity Ring esque exhilaration. It’s pure catharsis in audible form, an ode to self-love that feels like a giant sigh of relief as all the serotonin and endorphins rush through the brain like a dam that’s been plugged up for years finally breaks and water crashes through, a piece of manmade hinderance returned to its natural state. That feeling stretches throughout Las Aves’ new album which is a beautiful array of sounds that exist everywhere from abrasive Crystal Castles beckoning synth stabs to bubbly Max Martin era pop drama. The trio offers such pure versatility and I can’t recommend checking out the entire thing enough. If you like what you hear on “Worth It”, I promise you’re going to be blown away once I’ll Never Give Up on Love Until I Can Put a Name on It buries itself within your psyche.

In a sense, a return to the spiritual center of pleasure, like that dam breaking, is a return to the natural as humans are meant to be an expression of the purest of intentions in our universe. We’re not supposed to suffer – suffering is a manmade concept that occurs when we stray away from the light. I sure as hell don’t mean that in the sense of “sinning” of course, but instead in the way that artificial hierarchies in society cause us to feel terrible about ourselves or make us outright oppressed, depending on the group. It’s impossible for all of society to have that “fuck it, let it all go” moment at once, but it feels amazing to take your power back and experience personal liberation.

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