Music Writing

LEVV – Hands On Me

This track speaks specifically to a situation that we are facing today here and now.  This track is a true story that speaks on sexual assault, about the artist who trusted someone who stole her trust.  This is such a touchy subject, but one that many of us are finally speaking out about, I know I am.  I am also a victim of sexual assault, it is a subject for so many years that I was afraid to face, afraid that someone might call me a liar, or maybe I was just being over dramatic.  That’s how many of us were made to feel right? #metoo, it’s something everyone should be taking very seriously.  I want my tiny little daughter to grow up in a world where she won’t have to worry about anyone taking advantage of her beauty inside and out.  Hopefully we can all make this world a safer, in the work place and outside of it as well.  I know that I am trying to get my message out there.  I recently finished a book about being a single parent and some of the tough shit I had to go through in my life that has allowed me to be a strong Women able to bring up a daughter on my own.  Until the release of the book I hope you will follow my blog correlating to the book along with the social media to get you hyped for the release!  

I hope more artists such as LEVV make music with messages such as this because people really resonate with music and lyrics in a beautifully emotional way.  Please take a listen to this, listen to the message and whoever you are, Women or Man, be respectful, enjoy life and remember that we are all trying to make our planet a wonderful place for the budding generation of little humans!