The Neighbourhood – Sweater Weather


The first time I heard this song I passed it off as another cute quirky indie romance tune; something you’d find on the (500) Days of Summer soundtrack, perhaps. “Let me hold your hands in the holes of my sweater.” Aw, that’s so sweet,” I thought. Then I listened to it again, “…Aw…” – only now I’m irritated. That line is SO tragically cutesy that it’s good.  It brought me back to my Hellogoodbye and PlayRadioPlay! days (two artists who I shamelessly love and still listen to…eheh). “Why can’t I be that cute and quirky romantic boy for someone?” I began to not like the song because The Neighbourhood was making something I would say to someone sound great while if I went and pulled that line on someone, they’d purse their lips into a Miranda Priestly smile, quickly giggle, and turn away.

Let’s just say nostalgia for my good ‘ole MySpace days set in and I kept listening to it. What I passed off as charming little lyrics are quite the opposite. This song tackles the unspoken lust towards a future lover and/or significant other. Jesse James Rutherford, the Cali band’s frontman, is giving us his silent confession of lusting over this girl having – what seems to be – not gone much farther beyond his imagination. He addresses us and this girl both in the track.

Touch my neck and I’ll touch yours
You in those little high waisted shorts.”

Rutherford sings to her before heading into the chorus aside where he sets the scene with one love and two mouths. The chorus, however, seems to be all his wanting; a dream he has from time to time. The band’s “oh’s” in the background and quiet harmonies combine with a beach-pop tune. While it does go for a little ballad spin in the refrain, it’s all apart of emphasizing the longing Rutherford is feeling. His lover isn’t opening up (she’s cold) and to attempt to gain their trust, he offers to hold their hands…make them comfortable. Aw (for for real this time)!

The Neighbourhood has just come on to the scene (they’re streaming their new EP for free on their site) and already have shown potential to gain a considerable audience. This song – with its semi-precious lyrics and summer beat – is the perfect accompaniment as we enter the last weeks of summer.

The Neighbourhood – Sweater Weather