Finis Mundi – Lose It All? (What If)

Have you ever found yourself hypnotized by the cyclical events of a metro underground? Have you watched people circulate from train to platform, platform to train? Have you watched the trains come and go? Have you stepped onto that train before departure? Have you snapped out of it? Has summer heat permeated through the packed train’s every crook and cranny as nightfall approaches? Has a portable speaker blasted a song ’til it echoes from wall to wall?

What if it was Lose It All?

Smiles, dancing, and loud conversation abound – that’s what would happen. I say that without a semblance of doubt because Finis Mundi’s newest builds up layers of tension that cascade into a satisfying release of vocal samples and sharp synths intertwined. For a track whose narrative is wrapped up in personal relationships, its sound brings a communal vibe that just doesn’t feel right being enjoyed in solace. It’s a track that deserves to be shared and experienced with friends, strangers, and everyone in between – maybe on a summer night where heat permeates through a packed train’s every crook and cranny as nightfall approaches, all the while a speaker blasts Lose It All ’til it echoes from wall to wall.

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