K?d – Lose Myself (ft. Phil Good)

Between his carefully curated image and colossal sound, K?d is a rising electronic music star that I’ve had the pleasure of following for an extended period of time. His newest continues that trend as “Lose Myself” not only delivers phenomenal artwork, but a sound that’s forward-thinking yet feels comfortably nostalgic. That nostalgia even seeps over into its visual compliment as it reminds of one of my childhood favorites on the Gameboy Advance: Metroid Fusion. I’ll never forget the pure excitement I had picking up the cartridge at a Toys R Us and the years of enjoyment that ensued. I was fascinated by the story of Samus Aran, I was in love with the game’s neon-tinged appearance, and with that, I kept coming back to play it time after time.

Somewhere along the way during my life, though, I lost myself. Memories and feelings I had about things like Metroid dissipated. Living in a hyper-present without any connection to the past was terrifying and I desperately wanted to feel those distant times as vividly as I once had. Over months of working on myself, I’ve fortunately been able to reconnect to my past and the seemingly long-gone memories and feelings have flooded back. It’s a blessing that I haven’t taken for granted, and thus, why I have Metroid Fusion loaded into my Gameboy SP as we speak, ready to set forth on that wonderful journey once more.

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