Louie Austen – Glamour Girl

Cover of Louie's album Iguana

I always describe Louie Austen by saying:

“Imagine if Frank Sinatra were alive and he sang disco, dance and electro… That’s what Louie Austen sounds like.”

I love this guy, just look at the cover art for the album from which I took this track. And I’ve been sharing his music and spreading my love for him to friends of mine for years. His album Iguana is a jewel, for it’s diversity both musically and lyrically -from silly ones to not so silly ones-. Picking one track out of the album was hard, as some of my favourites are Passion For Life, Disco Dancer, If You Let Me Love You and of course, the one featured in this post.

What amazed me most is how few people I’ve met have actually heard one of his songs. He’s done collaborations as vocalist for specific works with people like Flight Facilities, Phonique, among others. Since his music speaks for himself, I’ll let you get acquainted with Mr. Austen. And please do tell me your thoughts in the comments section

This selection has been certified on dance floors, bars, lounges, dim-lit bedrooms and after-parties.

Louie Austen – Glamour Girl