Luis Crucet – Current EP

Luis Crucet’s Current EP starts off on a wonderful note that feels more like post-rock than any sort of electronic music that he looks to delve into throughout the rest of the record, setting a stunning tone that informs the atmospherics to come. “Mist”, a single I previously delved into on our pages, sounds even more beautiful within the context of understanding the full scope of Crucet’s vision. On the heels of it comes “React”, an edgier cut that slices through the haze and straight to the center of your brain while still maintaining a mystique. “Lines” reminds me quite a bit of Bonobo with a trappier percussive edge while “Power” closes out the EP with a lighters-up anthem. From top to bottom, Current is a wonderful dreamscape worth immersing yourself in for its entire runtime.

I’ve allowed myself to flow through life’s current without any sort of friction and am finding myself at the most positive point of my existence. I am living with utter balance that echoes the harmonious nature of the universe (as above, so below) and continue to follow the guide posts set out for me. The past year has been an absolute spiritual journey that required intensified efforts and endless repetition until it all finally began to click and become a reflex, whether it’s my morning meditation or pulling oracle cards to better understand what the day has in store. I’m full of gratitude and absolutely thankful.