John Wizards – Lusaka by Night

John Wizards - Lusaka by Night

It’s a wonderful experience when you stumble upon an artist who’s music blows your mind. Honestly, I can’t think of many feelings that come close to those initial sonic induced goosebumps except for a warm bubble bath or a surprise chin tickle (from a masked stranger).

Anyways, entering into the vast musical landscape is John Wizards, an interesting duo that includes South African multi-instrumentalist John Withers and Rwandan vocalist Emmanuel Nzaramba, who combine to create a blend of sounds from genres you may have not thought mixed well together (i.e. electro-pop, reggae, R&B, tropicalia, high speed African dance music, etc.) Currently, the group has finished their forthcoming self-titled debut, produced wholly in Wither’s bedroom that he pays for by producing music for television commercials.

Biographical details aside, this is some next level sh**. This is music for a beach party. Music for a backyard grill session. Baptize your child to this. While your friends are still listening to Vampire Weekend’s new album (which was great), part the longest section of your hair to the side that is most definitively shaved and ask the group if they’d like to go on a journey with you, Lewis and Clark style, into unexplored musical territory. Don’t be ashamed to be that person because I’ve gone there and the milk tastes amazing.

John Wizards, out this September via Planet Mu.

John Wizards – Lusaka By Night