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M.I.A. – Bring the Noize

I’m stoked about this track because it’s just as bad and anthemic as Bad Girls but without the obvious lyrical assertions. M.I.A. tells it like it is while getting our hearts moving and fists pumping in the air. I sat at my desk last week listening to this song and tried to remain calm, but I couldn’t. I love […]


The best songs to share are often the hardest ones to describe. I listen once, and I’m intrigued. I listen twice, and I’m captivated. I listen again…and again…and again. I’m hooked. Now–in the midst of my 35th play in iTunes–I’m still in awe. The intro is a tender, tense build filled with tribal percussion that […]

Florence + The Machine – Rabbit Heart/Raise It Up (Switch Remix)

How important is a producer to an artist? Well, the Michael Jackson sound we all love wouldn’t really exist without Quincy Jones. The psychedelic pop genius of Oracle Spectacular wouldn’t be nearly as adventurous without the vision and direction of producer Dave Fridmann. Would there even be Snoop Dogg without Dr. Dre? M.I.A. without Diplo? I […]

The Twelfth Hour

Will someone please explain to me the phenomenon that is time while at work? Doesn’t it feel like right before you get to work time is flying and you can’t move fast enough but the second you sit down it’s like you go into some alternate world and it takes an hour for 5 minutes […]

M.I.A. – Boys (The Twelves Remix)

First of all, this remix is amazing. Now that we’ve addressed that let’s go to the post… While everyone was at the Jay-Z concert on Friday I chose to go seek out some business and catch The Twelves DJ set at NYC’s Webster Hall. I got to the event pretty early so by the time […]

M.I.A. – Pull Up The People (Speed Painting By Salena)

Randomly ran into this during a YouTube binge and what a pleasant surprise it was. I’m not very familiar with speed painting but this undeniably cool. It’s from an upcoming artist called Salena, out of Berlin, Germany. She’s done a few of them which are featured on her Myspace. The featured track is one of […]

Rye Rye – Bang (Feat. M.I.A.)

A good friend of mine has been trying to get me exited about the Baltimore music scene for quite sometime now, so I started looking into it and ran into a very promising young female rapper called Rye Rye. In my search I came to find out I wasn’t the only one looking, in fact […]

Le Miel du Mois by Steph Lund: Juin

It’s June and traditionally that meant warm weather in NYC but instead were still dealing with this annoying winter/spring/summer hybrid that won’t seem to go away. Fortunately, there are other things to look forward to in the new month, one of those happening is right here on EMPT – Le Miel du Mois. Courtesy of […]

MySpace Celebrity: New Mother M.I.A. Blogs on MySpace About the Birth Of Her Son

So after performing 100% pregnant at the Grammy’s M.I.A’s finally  a momma. She blogged about it on her Myspace Celebrity Blog, here’s what she had to say: T O F A N S F R I E N D S O N F A M I L Y . M Y B A B Y […]

M.I.A. – Arular

With the success of “Kala,” many of us may have forgotten or possibly not even know of M.I.A.’s first album, “Arular.” While not as adventurous as her sophomore effort, Arular still packs the same social consciousness, catchy cadences and hard hitting rhythms that make Maya irresistible to begin with. A true underground classic. Here’s “Hombre” […]