Venza – Mad Love (feat. Aallis)

For such an original track, Venza’s “Mad Love” makes me strangely nostalgic – hints of longing for innocence on the verge of being corrupted in high school, that corruption’s peak pleasure and transition to self-destruction as spring faded into summer during a strange year of college. Funnily enough, the song taps into one of the core elements of that year in college: mad love. It was more infatuation than love, but I fell into an intense relationship that accented my inability to set boundaries. “Used to hold my heart in your hands,” as Aallis puts it.

Once I got a taste of a physical bond that transcended past experiences, of nights with the slightest hint of sleep, of leaving early in the morning and listening to ethereal music while the sun rose over a chilled college town, I was hooked. I couldn’t let go even when it was gone. I felt for the person, sure, but the mad love I felt was for an experience that I could never recreate no matter how hard I tried.

Venza and Aalli’s collaboration truly echoes that time in my life, not just lyrically but sonically – the sensuous slow-build of its verse, the sweet synth-led release of its chorus, fading back and forth in what feels like a hazy dream. They’ve recreated the experience I so desperately wanted – they’ve found the sonic sensation of mad love.

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