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Mark Ronson – Somebody To Love Me (Holy Ghost Remix)

This is the next single from Record Collection. Seriously though, Mark Ronson, Boy George,  Miike Snow and Holy Ghost? Come on man! Boy George’s vocal performance take this track to another planet. Marc Ronson smashed the original and Holy Ghost is going to bring it to dance floor. I don’t know about you but I […]

Mark Ronson – Lose It (In the End) (Feat. Ghostface Killah)

So far the tracks released from Mark Ronson’s latest effort Record Collection have all been nothing short of classic. I posted Circuit Breaker back in May and was holding off on Bang Bang Bang till the next record hit the streets and with the release of Lose It the time is now. Ronson is one […]

Wale – 90210

And she throws’ up, whateva she eat, She leaves the bathroom with a nosebleed A regular girl, celebrity dreams, She is… 90210 She live her whole life, like T.V., She will do anything for every-thing, A regular girl, celebrity dreams, She is… 90210″ I’m not a girl so I’m not even going to pretend like […]

Marc Ronson – Circuit Breaker

Changing with the times and completely changing the essence of who you are to force yourself into the times are two different things. So many fans get frustrated with artist that sell out to the point that they become completely unrecognizable to the people that connected with them in the first place. There is a […]

Lily Allen – Nan You’re a Window Shopper (50 Cent Cover)

Ok so I’ve been posting songs from It’s Not Me, It’s You for what seems like years at this point and much to the dismay of my little sister here’s another one. Don’t fret though this one is from her freshman effort Alright, Still. The track is called Nan You’re a Window Shopper, Lily’s pleasing […]

Yael Naim – Toxic (Britney Spears Cover)

One of our readers commented on yesterdays post and said the Yael Naim cover of Toxic is better than the Marc Ronson version.  First of all, saying one is better than the other doesn’t really make sense in this case.  While both are interpretations of the same song, they are noticeably different in styles and […]

Lily Allen – Oh My God (Kaiser Chiefs Cover)

I like Lily Allen ; ) Mostly for her perspective and charm but it’s really starting to look like success treating this PYT very well, yahtzee! That or Katy Perry calling her self a skinner version of Lily Allen must have motivated a little gym campaign – Thank you Katy Perry. Not sure if Marc […]

Nickel Eye Feat. Wale – Brandy of the Damned (Marc Ronson Remix)

Just got reminded of this song by Sean Mattison, the man everyone should be following on Twitter. I remember hearing the original a while back but never really kept it in rotation, this remix may change that. It was produced by Marc Ronson, notice the trademark brass arrangements and funky break beat. Wale, with the […]