Marvin Gaye – Grapevine (Autograf Remix)


This is the musical equivalent of a finely aged bottle of wine. Fine as wine. And oh so sexy. Staying true to the nature of the timeless Marvin Gaye classic, this Autograf refix is pure magic. The glitchy, airy, chill-house-Nicolas Jaar-eque vibes resonate so well with the original vocal track and the combination makes for a sort of eerily blissful landscape.

Perfect for such a sultry day as this one, this track is a great example of the undeniable allure of an extremely potent bass line– especially one so sonorously commanding from the start.  This track hits the sweet spot you forgot you had… ufff. All about the low end and its ruthless capacity for seduction.

Oh I heard it through the grapevine,
Oh and I’m just about to lose my mind.
Honey, honey yeah.

Marvin Gaye – Grapevine (Autograf Remix)


Marvin Gaye – Sexual Healing (Kygo Remix)


Sexual Healing is such a tune.

Really, it feels like a piece of musical history. It was ranked in the top 500 songs of all time. The original has a reggae, gospel feel with the bass and the signature  snare. And it is one of top “baby-makin'” tunes of all time. You have to appreciate those at times. Marvin Gaye is clearly one of the kings of the “baby-makin music” genre (Or BMM). I like to think of BMM is when you are making love as opposed to the often confusing sub-genre of “make-out mix” which I tend to think means the tracks you play with the PYT you pulled at the bar.

Kygo has been written about on the site as well. He is a 22-year old producer from Norway and has a way of taking a song and turning it into a light, dancey number with a well-played synthesizer. This tune is no different as he continues to deliver on these remixes he has been putting out lately.

I am en route to go meet my man who is on the other end of 12 hour flight. This song is definitely going to get me ready for a much awaited date. Enjoy x

Marvin Gaye – Sexual Healing (Kygo Remix)

Mash-Ups Music Remixes

RRod – With The Suit & Tie On (Marvin Gaye vs. Justin Timberlake feat. Jay-Z)

Here’s the thing. Both Marvin Gaye and Justin Timberlake are two of my favorite musicians in the whole world. I stand by that statement for. Ever. JT’s debut album was one of the first CDs I owned. It wasn’t the first one, okay? Shakira holds that spot, but only because I found that CD first. I’m an honest and loyal supporter of Mr. Sexyback. As for Marvin Gaye, do I really have to say a lot? He’s the king of soul and the king of my heart.

You can imagine my happiness when I came across this.

I’m really picky about mash-ups. In fact, I’m so picky that I’ve only ever written about one, and it happens to be this Captain Cuts remix. It’s hardly even a mash-up because it’s so new. That being said, you can trust me when I say that what we’re dealing with here, is a lovely collision of two masters and their soothing sexy voices.

Damn it. I have to finish writing my thesis, but this song has my heart and mind in another dimension of fantastical sexy ruminations. Neither of these men, or RRod for the matter, have any idea that I need to be productive right now, but hey. There’s no harm in imagining yourself to a more sensual place, even if the place you’re physically in is not that sexy. I mean, I am sitting in a cafe sipping happy hour Black Chocolate Stout, so things could definitely be worse.

Take your suit and tie off and get it on.

RRod – With The Suit & Tie On (Marvin Gaye vs. Justin Timberlake feat. Jay-Z)

Music Remixes

Marvin Gaye – Anger (Jeremy Sole Edit)

I’ve taken immediately to this song because of its melody and sweetness, but I think more importantly, because of how it made me almost instantly look inwards. What are the things we do in rage? I love the ease of this song while simultaneously allowing us to contemplate. The bongos introduce a sultry edit to this Marvin Gaye track, which leaves me wanting and craving more until the other instruments make their important appearances.

As someone who praises and appreciates zen and calm, I think there is something incredibly important to be said about the appearance and inhabitance of anger in one’s life. Calmness is something to be grateful for. Some people go through their daily motions in constant anger, and I understand that. It’s a way of living certainly, for some. These are the people we encounter everyday, who make us shake our heads and wonder at their sulky unhappiness, ever present in every aspect of their demeanor. Although, I find during the times of calm in my life, a certain amount of thought and self-awareness must be devoted to understanding the ways we act when angry. My anger tends to come out in different ways around family, than with friends. I’m sure it is the same for many of you. This is said to be reasonable, because we have higher expectations for the ones we cherish, who happened to surround us for the larger, more formative years of our lives. That isn’t to say that the years we spend alone or in the presence of independence are not formative years — not at all. I’m saying, we can attribute many of our independent qualities to those who saw us during our worst, our best, our most awkward, etc. It is a combination of these people’s support, and our own will, that creates a final product.

Having been on winter break for the last couple of weeks from school, I’ve had a lot of time to think about these things. About why I get particularly angry around family, what the source of my rage is. Indeed, I am still a ways from fully grasping and understanding why it is that this happens, though I have made some headway. With higher expectations for people, come larger disappointments. Generally, we like to assume that we are the sort who don’t “expect”, attributing higher expectations to larger disappointments…this is all very clear. But those who have seen us at our worst, best, awkward, desperate, etc. tend to have a certain amount of patience as time passes. We live in the comfort of knowing that they will accept our rage and anger, because they must. Living like this, I think, is healthy. We need people like that in our lives, because we censor ourselves otherwise. And rage, anger, sadness even, all embody the opposite spectrum of the emotional scale. While we crave devout happiness, we must also live and fully immerse ourselves in anger when needed. I think the same can be said for all of life’s emotions that we experience, something I’ve certainly talked about before. Why do you think people who suppress grief tend to experience radical health problems after a certain amount of time? Acceptance is key.

To ground things, I have this song. This is just what I think about when a song talks about anger, particularly, when Marvin Gaye talks about anger. We tend to hear a lot of songs that are all about happiness, emotional ecstasy, love…but rarely do we hear a musician croon and casually discuss a subject we all like to deny. So much effort is maintained in assuming the calmest lifestyle, having others perceive us in this way that we know isn’t true.

I’m currently reading Infinite Jest, by David Foster Wallace, and there’s a bit that takes place in a sort of rehabilitation house. One of the staff members who used to be a drug-user, now sober, says something about cliches, particularly those offered to users suffering from intense withdrawal. His words aptly relate to my aforementioned points.

“…The thing is that the cliched directives are a lot more deep and hard to actually do. To try and live by instead of just say.”

Truer words have not been spoken, as I unearth upon you guys these words of cliche: acceptance and allowance. Unto oneself and others. Allow the emotions to flood you, cry if you have to. Enjoy this track all the while, perhaps you were in need of some self-reflection.

Marvin Gaye – Anger (Jeremy Sole Edit)

Classics Mash-Ups Music

Marvin Gaye vs. Pryda – Too Busy Thinking About Leja

Think less, do more.

I tend to over think things. Whether it’s where to go to eat or what song to listen to while I’m working out, I’m constantly plagued by indecisiveness and procrastination. Maybe it’s the English major in me, but I tend to analyze every aspect of my life, from where my life is headed to what color shirt to wear.

The consequence is pretty simple: I feel like I don’t get about a tenth of what I set out to do and hope to accomplish. Ideas flow through my veins, but following through on these ideas and just acting on them can be a challenge. I have difficulty just shutting out everything and focusing on either the moment I’m living in or that one thought I’m having.

This song is about doing exactly that–allowing solely one aspect of your life to consume your actions and thoughts (in this case, that’s love).  I’m not big on resolutions, but this is definitely one I’m zeroing in on for 2013–zoning in on one aspect of my life at a time and not worrying about what I can’t control.

“I aint got time to think about money or what it can buy,
I aint got time to sit down and wonder what makes a birdie fly…”

I’ve been on a huge Marvin Gaye kick lately, and the combination of his deep, emotive voice and Eric Prydz’s ambient house is straight magical right here. It makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time, the way all bittersweet gems do.

“I got a one track mind…”

Marvin Gaye was as troubled as they come, but he still managed to put his problems aside and produce the best soul to come from the Mo-Town era. Everyone has issues and contradictory thoughts swirling through their minds–it’s how you deal with them and what art emerges from those thoughts. In 2013, I hope to do a lot less thinking and a lot more accomplishing.

Marvin Gaye vs. Pryda – Too Busy Thinking About Leja


Music Remixes

Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On (S Man Remix)

Picket lines and picket signs
Don’t punish me with brutality
Talk to me, so you can see
Oh, what’s going on
What’s going on.”

I have Yaqui to thank for this marvelous take on our beloved Marvin Gaye. The song and its lyrics resonate in such a way that I couldn’t help but snatch this one up and present it to ya’ll on this beautiful day. Marvin’s voice in the beginning feels like summer. I wish I could pinpoint exactly why it feels like that, it might have something to do with the soft and subtle beat introduction, the way the song is re-imagined in such a way that makes it feel like it might have been released by Marvin Gaye himself…But more importantly, it feels like that tune you put on the speakers in the middle of a cold Winter day, just before sunset.


Of when the sunsets would come later in the day. How they’d align perfectly with the trek back from the beach, sun-kissed, the love making of the sand on your body which leaves lines that you only give attention to when you’re in the proper light of the bathroom before a shower to rinse your hair. Or maybe you don’t rinse your hair, leave the golden shimmer, the physical embodiment of sea-breeze on you. The scent of a new lover stays.

The speakers are playing your song, and it’s this. And all you can ask yourself is, what’s goin’ on? 

Right now you’re deep in thought, memory snapshots fill your eye space. And as soon as the beat drops within the first thirty seconds, you are totally gone. Soaking in the place elsewhere that your mind once lived in. That memory only lives inside now. And the only release for you, is this track.

I hope this happens for you, too. Indulge for a moment, if only.

Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On (S Man Remix) 



Theophilus London – Dancing (Feat. Marvin Gaye)

This is definitely a party banger Theophilus pulled out of his pocket, and couldn’t be more perfect for you party animals on this Friday!  Throw in a Marvin Gaye sample, the guy who created love songs that literally made girls gasp and run to the bathroom, ya it’s no joke, he had some kind of magic in that voice and in those lyrics, I like to call him the “master of love.”  Twist up the “master of love” with Theophilus who is turning heads with his “Brooklyn Swag”, and with his ability to capture you with so many style ranges, from pop, soul, R&B, and electro, I don’t know about you but he blows my mind and I am always ready for a good time.  It would make sense that he is blowing charts and turning heads left and right, when your main influences are two of the best, Michael Jackson and Prince, those are like the great Ninjas or Gods of music!

This track is from Theophilus’ new Mixtape Rose Island Vol. 1 which is available for a Free Download, thank you TL and Warner Bros.!

Theophilus recorded most of Rose Island during Christmas in his NYC studio. TL returned to his roots with the goal of getting back to the basics for the recording of Rose Island Vol. 1. In typical TL fashion, there’s something for everyone on Rose Island Vol. 1 which is filled with hip hop bangers, electronic club tracks, sing along anthems and, of course, a couple slow jams for the ladies.

Rose Island is an imaginary place in TL’s head where he goes when he needs to escape reality and time. Some of the mix tape highlights include A$AP Rocky, Big Boi, upcoming Producer Lunice, and many more. He also Covers Pharrell Willams “Take it off’ and reworks Wang Chung’s classic ‘Dance Hall Days’.”

I have no doubt that you all are gonna want to ditch work and start your Friday grabbin’ your ladies or your gentlemen and dancin’ your pants off.  Just do it, you only live once so why not live in the moment.  Anyways press play and let your weekend begin, enjoy!

Theophilus London – Dancing (Feat. Marvin Gaye)


EMPT Presents – S U M M E R : a n t i – w i n t e r 1 d by Ryan Radler

Warm enough yet? I think so and apparently so does Ryan Radler who is back in full effect with one of EMPT’s most treasured possessions, the 2012 collectors dream – S U M M E R : a n t i – w i n t e r. Or the best warm weather mixtape you’ll hear anywhere

This is incredible compared to anything else out there, it looks like it’s from another planet! – Steve Jobs

That’s how the tape starts and I won’t be the one to disagree. I don’t say that because we’re presenting it but because the time, energy and emotion captured in it says so. While we’re on the subject of Apple…

One of the things we’ve really learnt over the last 20 years is that while people would often struggle to articulate why they like something – as consumers we are incredibly discerning, we sense where has been great care in the design, and when there is cynicism and greed. It’s one of the thing we’ve found really encouraging. – Johnathan Ivy

Translation – you can’t fake the funk. Weather it’s song selection, transitions, delightful quotes or the unexpected curve balls (THE TONY HATCH ORCHESTRA – Bedazzled?! Word) the care and effort Ryan puts in to these shows. It’s one thing to make a tape full of what everyone is listening to already but it’s another to offer something new, challenge peoples taste and enlighten them – This is incredible compared to anything else out there. I could seriously talk about this all day because it really is the best and it makes me very proud that EMPT is bringing it to you. I’ve said it before but I can’t stress it enough, let it play as it was intended. I know all you ADHD having fools like skimming through music but do yourself some justice, press play and take a ride, enjoy.

S U M M E R : a n t i – w i n t e r 1 d :

ARCADE FIRE – Sprawl II (Damien Taylor Remix)
BROTHERTIGER – Lovers (Casa del Mirto Remix)
BEACH HOUSE – Equal Mind
ABADABAD – California Birds
MARVIN GAYE – Sunny (Mercury Edit II)
BILLIE HOLIDAY – Speak Low (Bent Remix)
PORCELAIN RAFT – Drifting In and Out
MO KOLOURS – Mini Culcha (Beautiful Swimmers Remix)
MOON BOOTS – Got Somebody
FM ATTACK – I Saw Her Dancing
METRONOMY – The Bay (Clock Opera Remix)


Marvin Gaye – Sunny (Mercury Edit II)

I’m watching the sun set over my neighbors house in Connecticut. It’s gorgeous and never ceases to amaze me. I’d say that winter sunsets are one of the few reasons I enjoy winter. Everything else — the cold, the ice, slush — I could do without. But the sunsets are just so much more colorful and full of range. It’s a reminder that the short days we’re experiencing in a familiar, but new, temperature, are really just that. Short days. There’s so much more to be done. And there’s so little time until the warmth comes back.

If you’re like me, you’ll probably want to play this song as the sun is setting. Wherever you are in the world, it’s easy to enjoy this classic remade into something even more toe-tap worthy. So sit back and enjoy the visuals, and the music. This cold is only a part of the bigger picture of that which is warmth.

Marvin Gaye – Sunny (Mercury Edit II)


Boney M – Sunny


EMPT Presents – S U M M E R N I G H T S: a n t i – d a y 1a by Ryan Radler

I’m a hundred miles and running right now so I have no choice but to make this a quick one.

Ryan sent me a brand spanking new mixtape over the weekend and talk about perfect timing! My BB won’t stop buzzing with emails, I have music to produce, restaurants to curate, DJ sets to finish and all in the before Friday when I fly out to DR to spin at a beach party. Life is going fast right now and I have no intention on slowing up. Anyways, Ryan says this is a pensive tape but for those of us in the fast lane it’s more like the perfect balance. Gotta run but here are the notes I was sent regarding this tape, pretty much says it all, enjoy.

For all those who live in the fast lane, the new Anti-day series

Ok so this week, I was hoping we could drop my SUMMER NIGHTS MIX: anti-day 1a. It’s a departure from the norm and could be a nice way to “mix up” the feature/series. The theme is a little more pensive and dare I say even a bit sensitive? I would suggest a WARNING to only play this thing at night when the mood is right. It’s sort of like in the movie Gremlins but opposite I guess. LOL. And anyways- Space Age Bachelor Pads only really come alive at night right? Mine does! HAHAHA!
Below is a short anecdote about my own personal experience with the mix:
I recently took my girl out in my 1983 Gold Datsun 280zx (“Goldie”) for a moonlight drive all over the hills and valleys of Los Angeles. I couldn’t think of a more appropriate moment to kick on my SUMMER NIGHTS MIX 1A.
It was a very hot day in LA so we also had the luxury of an unusually warm evening. We drove up the 110 freeway from Downtown  to Pasadena and beyond, weaving in and out of side streets and neighborhoods unknown. The bright, white moon was low in the sky, drifting behind the tall palm tree silhouettes- sometimes disappearing behind a hill of pine trees- only to reappear across a valley of orange street lamps and blinking buildings.
Halfway through the mix I realized that my acceleration and turning were being less directed by me and more by the beats and melodies of the music. The mix completely took over the steering wheel just like in Knight Rider or Iron Eagle!

s u m m e r n i g h t s: anti-day 1A

2. Arcadia – APPARAT
4. We Are The People – EMPIRE OF THE SUN
6. Golden Age – BECK
8. A Fond Farewell – ELLIOT SMITH
9. E-bow The Letter – R.E.M.
10. Codex – RADIOHEAD
11. Life Is A Gamble – MARVIN GAYE
12. To The Lighthouse – MEMORY HOUSE
14. I Wanna be Adored – STONE ROSES
15. I Cried Like A Silly Boy – DEVOTCHKA

EMPT Presents – S u m m e r N i g h t s 1 a by Ryan Radler by Et Musique Pour Tous