Monarchy – It Must Be Love


Aren’t we over the whole “hide my face to boost interest in my music” thing? Or is it, “hide my face to make a statement that no one actually gets but just nods along anyway”?

Daft Punk is allowed to do it, because they invented it and have done it big. Those helmets ain’t cheap, and pre-helmet they did some freaky shit to keep their mugs out of the press room.

New artists out there: stop. It doesn’t make you cool.

I’m not talking about artists who keep their identities secret. That actually is cool, and totally understandable. Sustainable? Not unless you’re Banksy, who is definitely paying people off. Even Burial wanted to play live eventually (though the fact that he, with his music and creepy same-nameness  to a funeral director, was unknown for so long was perfect).

You know what is cool? Good art. If you make it, they will stream.

Monarchy are caught in a weird in-between state of face-coverage. Their identities are known, and they are regularly photographed without costume. But in all official photos, they are obscured. I guess they perform in face paint, which is played out but still allowed.

Luckily they are saved from their confusion by excellent music. “It Must Be Love” is a slice of juicy synth pop served on a platter of onyx rhinestones that will worm its way into your psyche. Imagine a happier Presets, or a better Bravery, two bands in the same vein (please, Monarchy, don’t be offended by the Bravery comparison. I know that might seem harsh).

It must be love
 With a boxing glove
 It must be love.”

Monarchy – It Must Be Love