Music Remixes

Justin Martin – Don’t Go (Dusky Remix)


Let’s collect ourselves for a moment. Let’s get back to basics.

All you really need is a beat and a melody. Doesn’t need to be complex. Doesn’t need to have extra layers of meaning. Doesn’t need to tell a story.

There are times in life when all humans crave direction. We parse quotidian occurrences searching for signs. We experience epiphanies in a song we’ve heard fifty times before. We see Jesus’ face on a piece of burnt toast.

And there are times when all we want is silence, an empty moment for our overloaded mindbrains. Often, those moments of silence aren’t literally silent. We chant, we breath deeply.

We sit alone in space and listen to music. Simple music that fades to the background without demands, that practically begs you to turn inward.

Music that begs you to remain in your silence just a bit longer. Music that seems to say, “don’t go.”

This time, whether you’re in private or in public, outdoors or in, find your silent space.

Stay a while.

Justin Martin – Don’t Go (Dusky Remix)