Ghostpoet – Meltdown

Rainy summer weather invites this song to be played on repeat.

Although this has been out for a bit at this point, this song suits the weather and tone of traveling through airports. Leaving one thing and arriving at another. Ghostpoet is a London based singer and producer creating dark truths riddled in his music and beat. I was sent this song by a friend in London and it has remained a staple on rainy days.  Meltdown boasts a complex sound which is made memorable by the two voices of deeper love and sweet innocence. The drums and piano riff which play throughout the song set the pace of movement and urgency and also a feeling like you missed a step. The way the instrumentals go together almost sound like they are running in to eachother, cluttering along and then becoming fluid once more.

What really drives this tune for me are the lyrics. They weigh heavy on you like humidity. These lyrics are sad and dark and beautiful and ugly as they bring you in to human emotion and contemplating the settling down or running away we can be too familiar with.

I was hesitant at first
Thinking it ain’t the right time
Egg shell hearts just cracked
Crying on the train.

Fearful of the facts,
The sorrows and the morals
And the Chinatown whispers that would
Obviously be muttered by the dogs.

Now compassion I don’t lack
Just heart filled with runner beans
And feet like in running shoes
And yes it was just you and me to fly.”

Packing up and heading back to the US for Lollapalooza. May the adventures never end.

Ghostpoet – Meltdown