Memoryhouse – To The Light House (Millionyoung Remix)

I heard the original To The Light House before I left for Cali and the remix when I got back to New York. It was then and there that I learned how much I don’t like NYC winters anymore. I’m a very visual person and aesthetics can have a pretty big impact on the way I feel. That said, I’ve been realizing that there’s just not that much inspiring nature in the city and with all the girls covered up there just isn’t much to look in general. Thankfully, there are songs like this to let me daydream while I look at this concrete jungle.

Memoryhouse is a fairly new guy & girl team and they’re also very big aesthetics, in fact a big part of their music is their photography. I was digging this Millionyoung remix and wanted to know more about this dreamy sound so I found an interview and was impressed by the way they approach their music and so on. Check it out…

Memoryhouse – To The Light House (Millionyoung Remix)


MASSES: Thanks for joining us. Firstly tell me how you guys met and began playing together?
MEMORYHOUSE: Denise used to be a concert photographer, and she and I would run into each other at shows. We became friends pretty quickly; I think our creative output—her photography and my music—shared a common aesthetic, so it only felt natural to collaborate on something.

MASSES: Who have some of your inspirations been along the way?
MEMORYHOUSE: Obviously bands like My Bloody Valentine Galaxy 500, Cocteau Twins are influences that are easy to trace back to us, but we’re also really inspired by Philip Glass, Tim Hecker, Boards of Canada, Suicide, Faust, etc.

MASSES: You guys are obviously pretty artistic people. Any other creative outputs?
MEMORYHOUSE: Denise and I both love photography and it’s something that we consciously try to incorporate into Memoryhouse. We’re both visual people, so I guess that’s why we’re always trying to connect photography and film into our music somehow. Denise also likes to do crafts, she made me a sailboat.

MASSES: With all these different genre names floating around nowadays, what would you class Memoryhouse as?
MEMORYHOUSE: Chillwave has been a term associated with us from early on, and we’re fine with it because it seems to be more of a response to the type of imagery the songs elicit, although I wouldn’t necessarily place ourselves in that genre. I guess a song like “To the Lighthouse” or “Lately” provoke a certain visceral response in people—there’s a “dreamy” quality to it. At the same time though, the songs are somewhat neurotic and paranoid. I guess we get away with it because the level of dissonance between the sound and the content is so defined; “Sometimes I’m pulled away from my own misery” takes on a different meaning. Genre qualifications generally reflect a kind of subjective interpretation of trends and popular opinion rather than specific qualities and attributions, and I guess having a band name with “memory” in it bears certain associations.