Farleon – Millenium (Original Mix)

Holy crap!  This kid Farleon is only 18, I kind of dig it when I get surprised and excited at the same time (yes, they are 2 different feelings) about a new dope artist who is taking control of our speakers at such a young and promising age.  I really love me some good electro music like this track Millenium, in which Farleon does such a great job with his use of synths and throwing in some subtle vocals that don’t take away from the beat at all, just adds the perfect bit of spice.

Sultan Karimov, better known under the pseudonym FARLEON. A self-taught musician, didn’t get any music education. Born in 1993 in Kazakhstan, where he now resides. Music began with 3 years after in 1996 he was given synthesizer Yamaha PSS 51. In 1999, he started to listen to foreign rap artists such as Eminem and 2pac, what he grateful to his brother, who pulled him into the genre.”

Sometimes I like to listen to music that isn’t all about the vocals and basically all about the beat itself, which is why I have a deep love for classical music.  It allows you to come up with your own story, the way you are feeling at the moment that you listen to it can make it so many different things, energies, stories, feelings.  It’s kind of like at the ending of a good book or a movie that totally leaves you hanging.  I happen to be one of those people who loves endings like that because sometimes I like to imagine the rest with my interpretation.  This is exactly the same thing I get out of instrumentals and beats with very little vocals, there are no lyrics telling you how to feel.

I thought this was a great party track to leave you with while you are getting ready to go out on the town.  It’s bound to be a crazy night, Friday the 13th, Oh S*&t! This track is getting me pretty pumped and I have no idea what I am doing yet, but the possibilities are endless and so are yours, enjoy!

Farleon – Millenium (Original Mix)