Ghost Beach – Miracle (Viceroy Remix)

I’m currently surviving what the weather is calling a “dangerous heat index,” and the city is encouraged to limit outdoor exposure. Seems like the older we get, the hotter every summer feels. This little miracle is a refreshing distraction from the onset of heat stroke.

Viceroy sprinkles a little tropical rhythm on Ghost Beach’s already groove-worthy Miracle. Bongos dance throughout while Ghost Beach’s Josh Ocean takes you to some paradise evoked from his last name. Meanwhile Viceroy lives up to his motto: Summertime, All The Time.

It’s a miracle
Even if its in my head
Like a miracle
Im in love again

Everybody get out
We can’t stand underwater
Can’t seem to touch the ground.”

Currently at 101, temperatures having been sneering back at the 90 degree marks all week. Time to crank this tune and get lifted while anticipating that achingly far off vacation.

Ghost Beach – Miracle (Viceroy Remix)