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Missy Elliot vs Martin Brew – Work It (DJ Soo’s Hopscotch Blend)

Are you ever in the mood to hear a song you used to listen to in high school? Sometimes I’ll put on a “Y2K” or “Millenium Hits” playlist and jam out to songs that were prevalent during my adolescence. The familiarity is nice; this nostalgia feels good every so often.

Missy Elliot’s “Work It” is one of those songs that brings me back to childhood; to riding (remember those pre-driving days??) to soccer practice with a teammate and her mother singing along. “Get your hair DID” was the line that cracked me up the most. Growing up in England, I had never heard this lingo! It was a whole new world to me- especially since this was music my parents probably wouldn’t approve of. A few years down the road, in my teenage years, I still enjoyed the song. And I could finally understand the lyrics. ‘Shave my WHAT’?? I thought. And what’s, “It’s your phenemwithernyeathyna”?? So I did some research and experimented with voice-manipulation software. Long story short- turns out that gibberish she is saying is, “Put you thing down flip it and reverse it” IN REVERSE!

This mashup by DJ Soo tones down Missy’s vocals and emphasizes Martin Brew’s instrumentals. His use of bells are reminiscent of the winter holiday season; of songs that speak of Santa and his reindeer. But this is far from a Christmas song. Soo takes the focus away from Missy’s rhymes and quintessential classic hip-hop record-scratching, and adds a mellow drum beat. This, along with the subtle bass and keyboard, take the original song down a detour. I’ve had mixed feelings about mashups in the past, but this song makes me want to be open to how DJs are manipulating songs in drastic ways. For those of you familiar with the original, prepare for DJ Soo to create a whole new mood for your listening experience.

One interesting thing I noticed is that Soo mixed in a clean version of “Work It”. This contrasts the original greatly, which is quite… filthy. This version is the one I’d rather my teenager daughter listen to! I hope you feel some positive nostalgia upon listening to this track. Who knows what random memory it’ll bring you back to.

Missy Elliot vs Martin Brew – Work It (DJ Soo’s Hopscotch Blend)


Missy Elliot – Gossip Folk (Miles Felix Funk Remix)

Feeling this tune. Gimme that funky disco sound any day and I instantly get in the groove of the weekend. Strangely, I asked someone where Missy Elliot was the other day and serendipitously found this link coming fresh from producer Miles Felix, makes sounds from Brooklyn. The original Gossip Folk is such a great anthem with Missy doing what she does best with her raspy delivery and Ludacris making a much appreciate cameo. This is a perfect harmony of hip-hop and funk.

I appreciate when you put on a song and it gets into your head with its lyrics and sound, but this is not one of those songs. This is song that gets in to your body and makes you move when you listen to it. Freeing you from heavy thoughts and heavy shoulders. This is a tune exuding hip-hop and brought to life with disco flavor and a saxophone. The dance floor at your next house party will thank me.

Miles Felix – Gossip Funk (Gossip Folks Remix Missy Elliot)

Music Remixes

Hudson Mohawke- Ooops! (Oh My) (Tweet Oops Re-Edit)


It’s Saturday, December 15th. In ten days Christmas will have arrived and the food comas will have set in. In six days the world is supposed to end. In a couple of hours I will be done with work for the year and can relax and let loose a little before we obliterate into nothing (maybe…who knows?). So as I sit in a silent library on the edge of completion with my larger than necessary headphones on I’m looking around at the sea of twentysomething faces buried in their notes and laptops and all I’m doing is twerkin’ up a storm in my head to this track.

Way back in January 2002, Tweet released her single “Oops (Oh My)” and I’m a little shocked I was listening to it at the ripe ole pre-teen age I was at and making music videos to it. I blame this track for who I am today (and the tiny dances I’m trying to secretly execute in this library chair).

Oops! There goes my shirt up ova my head.
Oh my.
Oops! There goes my skirt droppin’ to my feet.
Oh my.”

The chorus is hip-hop/r&b opulence. I don’t know really because I’ve never been to a strip club but I bet this track became a pole dancing hit for both pros and sorority girls alike (and I’m talking about the original here). Enter Scotland’s Hudson Mohawke territory and we’ve got ourselves a track made for unadulterated debauchery. Mohawke brings a wobbling synth and subtle syncopated boom-boom-clap to the track that intensifies when Tweet goes into the chorus. If I had any hair to flip, I’d flip it left and right to the kick-drums in the chorus. Mohawke’s production is relatively simple and that’s what makes this track so sultry. Sexy lyrics and a few synth tweaks and you have yourself a late-night guilty pleasure. The ending really shines when he chops up Missy Elliot’s “uhs” to match the drum pounding. It’s the icing on the already mouth watering cake.

Hudson Mohawke – Ooops! (Oh My) (Tweet Oops Re-Edit)



Shawn Lee & The Ping Pong Orchestra

Sometimes my severe eclecticism and ceaseless desire for new music leads me to all sorts of obscure artist and genres, most of which is flat out weird and never makes it to EMPT but this time I think I’ve found a happy medium, Shawn Lee & The Ping Pong Orchestra. I came across Shawn Lee while looking for some cool music for a playlist I was making for Phillipe Chow’s in the city. Long story short I heard all these genre blending, multicultural albums by Shawn Lee and then ran into his cover album Hits the Hits in which he transforms some of our most exhausted pop songs into these creative vintage sounding pieces one can’t help but love. Pop done the bachelor pad way, enjoy.

Shawn Lee & The Ping Pong Orchestra - Hey Ya (Outkast Cover)

Shawn Lee & The Ping Pong Orchestra – Rehab (Amy Whinehouse Cover)

Shawn Lee & The Ping Pong Orchestra – Get UR Freak On (Missy Elliot Cover)


Ratatat – The Remixes (G.O.V., Missy & Kanye)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say again, Skidmore is on the rise. With Micah Sloat getting his huge break in Paranormal Activity and Ratatat placing two songs on Kid CuDi’s debut I’d say we’re doing pretty good. So what better time to feature some Skidmore music on EMPT.? On top of that G.O.V. sent me a remix he did of Wildcat in which if I understand correctly he’s talking about all the girls he meets during happy hour at Benihanas, nice. I’ve always been one to appreciate all the work girls put into their fashion, especially the girls who manage to still look sexy wearing work clothes. It really does make for a much pleasant day for all of us so thank you pretty young things, it’s appreciated here on EMPT.

“I’m feeling nice like a saint right now & her work skirt fitting like paint right now.”

I thought I was the only one into these minor details but I guess I’m not alone. Seriously though, who writes a song about girls during happy hour? Apparently G.O.V. does. How it came about? I have no idea but I like it. Anyways, here’s the G.O.V.’s remix of Wildcat and some other Ratatat hip hop remixes I’m particularly fond of, enjoy.

Kanye West  – Get ‘Em High (Ratatat Remix)

Missy Elliot – Wake Up (Ratatat Remix)

Ratatat – Wildcat (Feat. G.O.V.)

Music Video

Ann Peebles – I Can’t Stand The Rain

With the exception of late 80s and 90’s Hip Hop I’m pretty much either completely vintage or contemporary in terms of the kind of music I listen to, there’s not much inbetween. With that said I thought I would bring both of those worlds together for today’s post. I have a thousands of songs I could do this with but I chose Can’t Stand the Rain for a few reasons. For one, the original by Ann Peebles is an incredibly simple but beautiful love song coupled with equally great production and feeling. Two, the Missy version produced by Timbaland turns it into arguably one of the freshest, most stylish and futuristic beats that hip hop has ever seen to date, which is ironic since it is based on a simple sample.

I remember when this video was released, I would sit there in amazement not really understanding what I was seeing but loving every second of it. The bounce on this record is hypnotizing and Missy does her job to perfection, enjoy.

Missy Elliot – Supa Dupa Fly

Ann Peebles – I Can’t Stand The Rain