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Friendly Fires – I’m Good, I’m Gone (Lykke Li Cover)

  The difference a little diversity makes is immediately evident for Friendly Fires. Quite what has held back the milieu of meandering morons that make up the music scenes mid range, mid class, middlemen is probably this intelligent and creative leap; crossing genres and keeping your opus open and fresh.” – Big on the […]

Midnight Juggernauts – Shadows/Road to Recovery

Damn Aussies know what their doing when it comes to the electro/synth-pop thing. Been meaning to blog about these guys for some time but never got around to it. I saw them open up for Justice back in ‘07 when the whole indie rock to dance transformation was starting to take flight and they certainly […]

Kelley Polar – Chrysanthemum

In typical Kelley Polar form, this song is extremely weird, creepy and confusing but as interesting and addictive as they come. Given title “Chrysanthemum” (mushroom cloud analogy) and lyrics (”Two atoms kiss and what a funny valentine”) I think this song is about a nuclear attack on humanity, tragic. The chorus is nothing short of […]

Lykke Li – Breaking It Up

Just got an email from the good folks over at NBC informing us that Lykke Li will be performing on Last Call With Carson Daly tonight.  I’m not quite the noctambule I am during party season but I’m certainly staying up to watch this. In the mean time it looks like I’ve found an excuse to […]

Kid Cudi & Consquence – Buggin Out 2009

New mixtape from J. Period & Q-Tip. The production quality of old school Tribe is unmatched in the laptop producer age, it’s very refreshing to hear some good old analog in the space age. Download the mixtape here. Ayo a few new stations put me in rotation. They’ve embraced the martian, congratulations.” Kid Cudi & Consquence […]

Ratatat – Mirando

Anyone know what car that is? I’ve been looking for an excuse to post this picture and Mirando is more than a reasonable one. The production on this track is technical mastery. 8 Bit bounce anyone? Enjoy. Ratatat – Mirando

Lykki Li – Everybody But Me

The lyrics for this song are amazing, you’d be hard-pressed to find that kind of honesty in music, much less people. I’ve been partying and going to concerts so much lately I think it’s time for me to start relating to this song for a while. We’ll see how long it last, enjoy. When everybody’s […]

Harlem – South of France

The Black Lips, The Walkmen, Eat Skull, The Kills, Electric Tickle Machine, The White Stripes,  I’m starting to wonder if my lo-fi obsession will ever fade. Harlem, a band a discovered about a year ago is one of my favorites in the genre. Hailing from Austin, Texas they’ve garnered many comparisons to the aforementioned but […]

Daft Punk – Nightvision (The Twelves Cover)

So I’ve been a little bored of the new stuff lately and as I was just about to head back into the comfort of the past for today’s post I got an email from Steph Lund (Le Miel du Mois) telling me to check out the latest from The Twelves. As usual, they nail the […]

Ratatat – Wildcat

Someone had this song on their Top 10 best songs to have sex to. I don’t know what kind of furry fandom kinky shit this dude is getting into to find this appropriate for naughty time but I like it! Wildcat is one of the many impressive tracks from Ratatat’s 2nd LP Classics. It was on this album that […]