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Museum Of Bellas Artes – Days Ahead

LA was nothing short of a dream, great times, food, weather and good people but it sure is nice to be back in the big apple. As many of you know EMPT has been a relatively small operation and though we’ve been able to do some great things a big issue has been where to […]

Le Miel du Mois by Steph Lund: Octobre 2010

Well it seems like the bigger this blog gets the more it becomes a target… The latest battle in the war between EMPT & The Industry is by far the most entertaining and while I can’t got into detail for legal reasons let’s just say I’ll be making some changes to the way music is […]

Museum of Bellas Artes – Who Do You Love

Saturdays on EMPT are usually reserved for Kevin Casey’s sampled Saturday’s but I’ve been so busy developing the Le DJ branch of the site that Kevin and I haven’t even had the chance to speak. However, I was able to find a great remake to honor our beloved sampled saturdays. Who Do You Love is […]