Alex Clare – Too Close (Nacey Remix)

cp12 already wrote a pretty amazing ode to the original version of this song, which explains both the pleasures and perils of becoming too close to anything in this life along with the need to always keep exploring. So I’m going to keep this brief.

I really overlooked the original of this song, mainly because of the aggravating, generic “drop” that’s featured in the Internet Explorer commercial which ESPN runs ad nauseum. When you hear a song for the first time in a commercial, the song will probably only ring true for you if you dig the commercial–and digging commercials isn’t easy. Commercials last 30 seconds, and you’re typically being sold something. You’re only getting a snippet of a song, and often a brief listen doesn’t do a song justice. And since I haven’t used Explorer since the AOL age, I cannot at all dig on that commercial. With the planned drop (albeit catchy) owning the 30 second-spot, it just feels robotic and plain daft after a couple views/listens.

And the finer, real experiences in life come through exploration, through the spontaneous. Forgetting my ambivalence towards the original, I randomly clicked play on this remix 45 minutes ago and it still remains on repeat. Nacey (watching you) did a damn fine job, taking the Major Lazer-ish aspect out of the original and turning it into a full on ambient daydream. Nacey shows again the force of the remix, which when done right can completely alter our thoughts on a track.

Now, I get “Too Close.” I guess that’s why we explore the often shady depths of the Internet and why we do keep listening to songs we may have heard and maybe disliked. And visiting bars we’ve been. You never know who you’ll end up taking a shot with.

Alex Clare – Too Close (Nacey Remix)

p.s. Does Diplo ever sleep or does he have an identical twin? We should all be that busy.