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New Order – Temptation (7-Inch Version)

One of the reasons I’m so drawn to the 80’s New Wave period is because it represents the time when synthesizers and analog recording coexisted like they probably never will again. It was one of those rare times when the future and past lived in total harmony, i.e. freak of nature artists like Michael Jackson.

Anyways, you can’t talk about 80’s new wave without mentioning New Order, the band whose 1983 hit Blue Monday still holds the record for best selling 12-inch single of all time. Temptation, is a lesser known single released in 1892 and one of my personal favorites from the group. The 7″ single featured in this post is the more commercial and structured version. The lyrics in this song are hard to translate but the feelings of hope and despair in Bernard’s voice are as clear as day. The effect on the listener is euphoric. Here’s to a great song that captures a wonderful essence, enjoy.

Each way I turn, I know I’ll always try
To break this circle that’s been placed around me
From time to time, I find I’ve lost some need
That was urgent to myself, I do believe
Up, down, turn around
Please don’t let me hit the ground
Tonight I think I’ll walk alone
I’ll find my soul as I go home.”

New Order – Temptation (7-Inch Version)