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Tag Archives: New Wave

Pet Shop Boys – Axis

Not many industry watchdogs in 1984 would have predicted that Pet Shop Boys would still be releasing albums selling out tours in 2014. And yet, 12 albums in, the alternative dance music pioneers are still going strong. Their most recent release, 2013’s “Electric” scored 84/100 on leading ratings site Metacritic, a score that represents “universal […]

Grand National – Peanut Dreams

I just love the simplicity of certain tracks and its ability to get you going in a totally unpretentious effort. When I first heard this song it hooked me. There was something quite familiar about it that I loved. Upon multiple careful plays I figured out it was the bassline – which is a sample […]

The Cure – Boys Don’t Cry

One of my favorite songs growing up. It’s about a dude who loses his girl and is sad but can’t show his emotions because well, Boys Don’t Cry. Misjudged your limits, Pushed you too far. Took you for granted, Thought you needed me more.   Now I would do most anything, to get you back […]