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RYDER – Nirvana

Pop music is more hit or miss than most genres, but this new song from RYDER is pop fucking goodness! She has the voice of a straight up goddess and combines it with a *seriously smooth* electronic instrumental that I could dance to for days. Plus, I love the lyrics about her wanting to reach nirvana… such […]

Sam Smith – Money On My Mind

Sam. Smith. A composition between Sam Smith and Disclosure at the end of 2012 launched Smith and his sultry vocals into the elite of the music scene. Sam Smith recently released an EP, Nirvana, on 28 January 2014. Cannot recommend this more. His release offers 7 tracks, some of which are more R&B and stripped […]

Nirvana – Polly (Bruno Be Remix)

There’s a very special spot in my heart for the rock bands that existed before me. All of them have something to offer us, whether it’s an old sound that should resurface, lyricism with simplicity and craft, or musician dynamic. There is always something to learn. Whenever I hear an old classic track remixed by […]