NOTNO – Body (Feat. Freda James)

As someone who grew up during the end of disco and peak of new wave, I’ve been loving the recent revival of ’80s influenced synth-pop. There’s something about music in that period of time that felt like the last organic pop moment. That could just be me feeling nostalgic about the music I listened to as a kid, but it makes sense! The modern pop songwriters started coming about during the ’90s, a time where pop started sounding a whole lot more methodical (besides the little wave of grunge at the decade’s beginning of course). Now compare that with the ultra catchy songs from artists like Madonna, Phil Collins, Duran Duran, etc. a decade prior…their music was gripping but there was still a rawness to it that went missing with songwriting being taken over by a small core group.

I’m not sure if it’s a reaction to overproduced pop or a natural cycle of artists tapping into older sounds for inspiration (or even a whole new product of internet nostalgia…woah), but hearing songs like “BODY” in 2017 is just amazing. Besides its super sleek production, you could’ve told me this was an ’80s hit and I’d believe you. The drum machine percussion, the twinkling keys, the male-female duet, it has it all! I almost wish that Miami Vice was on TV, women were using enough hairspray to make a hole in the o-zone, and Reagan was president again (okay, maybe not the last part) just to complete the return to the ’80s! I think a pregame with neon lights and this song blasting will do the trick though!

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