Music Writing

Parker – Spark EP

I really dig the surprise in the track, you will hear it around 46 seconds and what you think is going to happen doesn’t.  When I first took a listen I assumed this was the moment the big techno beat was going to come in for probably a solid 30 seconds but much to my surprise it was more of a beat drop, some cool effects and a really dope/chill rhythm that I could really vibe too without feeling too hyper.  Well done, I love a good surprise.

Everything that “sparks” the world today has been a surprise.  At this point we should all expect the unexpected.  I am glad that music is still keeping me on my toes with tracks such as this one but in terms of the world, nothing surprises me anymore, in fact the bigger the situation the less surprised I am.  Shock factor is what the world is all about right now, turning us all into robots that are unfazed.  Sad, but I think there is still so much to look forward too if we can look beyond the drama.

Really enjoyed receiving this track in my inbox, I hope gives your Monday the start to the week that you have been looking for, that element of surprise that you might need in your day, enjoy! xx