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.WAVs Boat Party – August 2013


A Friday night in New York City presents itself with endless opportunities from week to week when it’s not summer, so you can imagine my excitement when I was told about this party happening on Friday, that will bring together all of the best things of summer and music. An outdoor range of music performances from multiple talented and party-worthy DJs, spanning the hours of 9pm to whenever the party decides to end sometime in the morning. Performances start at 9pm and then things start getting a little more wild, a little less tame, and a little more sexy at midnight when the ship (yes, there’s a cruise) departs. So of course I’ll be there. And if you like dancing and meeting strangers in strange situations, this might be the perfect way to finish out the end of the summer.

The event takes place on Friday, August 23rd. In writing that, I’ve only just realized that it is almost the end of August which is baffling. Where the hell did this summer go…? Here’s what I have to say about that: if there’s anything you should have done, haven’t done, want to do, do it. Because I look at the summer time the same way I look at a new year — as a time for opportunities, a time to expand on your pre-existing ambitions. Broaden those horizons and take some risks! It’s almost over and if you walk away without having done anything for yourself that is noteworthy, well, the fading tan come Fall won’t be your only disappointment. So go out there and find the one you love and tell ’em. Apply for that new job. Move to that new apartment that you thought you couldn’t get your hands on. If you want it hard enough, you’ll get it. I have only one goal, and that is to buy a decent enough mixer, go to parties, and make people dance.

That said, here’s a fantastic classic that will also make an appearance at .WAVs. I’m in a nostalgic mood and this song reminds me of the days where I learned how to scratch. Enjoy!

Afrika Bambaataa – Planet Rock

Music Video

EMPT Premier: Vensaire – Apollonian

Yesterday I was lucky enough to get this gem in my inbox from our friend Jessica over at The Participation Agency, thanks Jess!

We are happy to be premiering Vensaire’s new video for Apollonian, it’s definitely a trip but a good one.  If you haven’t been properly introduced to Vensaire just yet.  “They’re Brooklyn-based. Sound is Japan in 1650 meets Floridian-folk, with a violinist and synthesizer. Video is pretty psychedelic, about death and the Iliad. In true Brooklyn fashion they’re throwing a big rave at this old school house in Bushwick on Saturday for the release party, flyer attached.”

I don’t mean to brag but so many great artists hail from Brooklyn and if you happen to be in the Brooklyn area like I am then you should get your ass to this party because I know I will definitely be making an appearance on behalf of EMPT, especially for having the pleasure of premiering the video for Vensaire.

Check out all the other amazing tracks that this band have for your listening pleasure at their Soundcloud, and hopefully I will see some of you at the party, Enjoy!

Music Video

Lucas Nord vs Urban Cone – Let Us Stay Young


It was the song I heard for the first time and liked it. But when I saw the video — I fell in love. I mean, flashing fluorescent tubes in hands and blue paint dripping from hands… catatonic stupor at its best. I guess I could relate to their dancing while listening to this tune on a friday night. Addictive? Yes. Perfect to start the weekend? Yes.

So dust off your strobe light, take out that laser pointer you bought but never used, turn off the light and start dancing. Here’s the Radio Edit, but if you’re into party mode make sure to get the Extended Edit.

Let Us Stay Young was Lucas Nord’s debut single featuring Urban Cone on the vocals. He’s one of the latest EDM talents to come out of -you guessed it- Sweden. Watch out for this kid because he’s blowing up as you read this. While the idea of the chopped up beats and the darker-dance-video theme came from Lucas, the video was directed by Mats Udd.

“Do not fall asleep tonight,
this might be a night to remember,
Do not fall asleep tonight,
please pretend i’m not a stranger,
Don’t waste the time,
Let us stay young,
do not fall asleep tonight,
it’s better if we stay together,
do not fall asleep tonight,
i know we’re bound to one another.”

Lucas Nord vs Urban Cone – Let Us Stay Young



Warning: Not safe for work.

This is like Justice’s “A Cross The Universe,” on crack. The track is by The Bloody Beetroots.

Rock & Roll anyone?