EMPT Presents Indaba Music Weekly: DJsiah – “Lights Are Getting Closer”


Jesiah, AKA DJsiah, is a busy man. Between his professional music pursuits creating music for commercials and major labels, he finds time to indulge himself in the artistic. His sonic creations are always immaculate, with transparent mixes, effective sounds, and a clear production style.

One of his recent efforts, “Lights Are Getting Closer”, is the perfect mix of EDM maximalism and indie melodic ideas. It’s infections melody is reminiscent of Passion Pit’s hit “The Reeling”, and is just as adept at working it’s way into your mind. Framing the melody are seriously dynamic drums, which ground the whole tune with a hard hitting foundation. Try and sit still while you listen, it’s not that easy.

Lights are getting closer

You can checkout more of DJsiah’s work on Indaba Music Soundcloud and on his website..


Passion Pit – Take A Walk (Peking Duk Remix)



This remix of Take A Walk captures, what I reckon is, the current American sound. Although this remix released some time ago from the Australian duo Peking Duk, it resonates clearly today with the signature sounds of the time. The formula: The indy-pop band (Passion Pit) creates a catchy track and the sexy DJ duo (Peking Duk) adds in a heavy drop and speeds up the tempo elevating the track’s energy to dance floor ready.

I hate to use the term “guilty pleasure” when I write about Passion Pit. But honestly, if someone had asked me to list the bands I frequent, I would probably not list them. The song Take A Walk has recently been playing on repeat on LA radio channels which is where I got the inspiration to write about them. Radio offering a silver lining in a morning commute which resembles the 9 Circles of Hell. As I read through articles and various write-ups on the band and the song, which appeared on their second album Gossamer, I was struck by the legs of this track. The song is about a business man with financial troubles and each verse captures a moment of various members of the lead singer’s family. I question why it is so surprising to hear that a song has a more personal meaning now in pop culture.

“I watch my little children
Play some boardgame in the kitchen
And I sit and pray they never feel my strife.
But then my partner called to say the pension funds were gone
He made some bad investments, now the accounts are overdrawn
I took a walk.”

Lyrics like that and you want to dance along to it. Passion Pit has since moved off my guilty pleasure list.  I have the utmost respect for them after writing this. And can now sing-along proudly to them on the 405.

Passion Pit – Take A Walk (Peking Duk Remix)


Le Miel du Mois by Steph Lund: Septembre 2012

A person named Hadders (if thats your real name) left this comment on our wall last week and it said…

Hi EMPT, I’ve been following EMPT for the last 2 years and my welfare depends deeply on your LMdM mixes. They’re unbelievable. Can’t wait for the next one and thanks for the music…”

That made my day and it got me going enough to wake up this morning and finally put together the September 2012 edition of LMDM and unbelievable would be the best way to describe it. As usual, Steph manages to make an amazing tape that is a complete 360 degree turn from the last –

Well, tell me then which of these various styles you think is the best then huh? 
The best I hear is the combined, the best of all styles. Put them together.”

I forget what movie I got that from but it’s the best way to try describe Stephs style – a constantly evolving blend of everything great music has to off.  I love that. If you take a look at the world around us, it seems like everyone is trying so hard to be something, to be classified, defined and identified. There are benefits to that and it certainly is comfortable and makes thing easy to understand but my problem with such thinking is that the second you become so defined you’ve instantly limited your experience. I’m not just talking about music here, it applies to all facets of life and can lead to severe lameness if not carefully observed. You ever meet someone who has it all figured out? It’s boring. The only thing constant is change and that scares a lot people but it’s a beautiful thing, the world keeps moving, everything grows and develops and in my mind that’s something to embrace. That’s the vibe LMDM gives me because I never know what to expect. Each tape continues to seduce and keep me on the edge and it’s wonderful. So Hadder (if thats your real name), I’ll join you in thanking Steph for this great experience. From start to end, month after month it truly is unbelievable, enjoy.

12 tracks for September. With one bonus. A month that rolls from one season to the next, September leaves us desperate to keep the sun but the season will change no matter how bad we might not want it to. heres to celebrating what was and whats to come… “

Le Miel du Mois at work? That’s much better than work at work! Download


  1. Crystal Fighters – At Home (Passion Pit Remix)
  2. Elite Gymnastics – Here in Heaven
  3. ALPINE – Hands (Goldroom Remix)
  4. Yuno – Sunlight
  5. Night Panther – Snudge
  6. Silent Rider – I Was A Bomb
  7. Cheers Elephant – Leaves
  8. ODESZA – Above The Middle
  9. Chromatics – Circled Sun
  10. Teen Daze – The Future (Jess Ruins Remix)
  11. Pale Seas – Bodies (Tropics Remix)
  12. Work Drugs – License To Drive
  13. Bonus: Tears for Fears – Everybody Wants To Rule The World
Music Remixes

Crystal Fighters – At Home (Passion Pit Remix)

Once upon a time, I used to DJ for an independent radio station. I would spin all kinds of electro/hiphop/funk from 3AM to 6AM. My favorite pastime, aside from dancing all over the studio, was the last song of my 3-hour set. For me, it was a culmination of neurotic, sleepless energy and several hours of talking essentially to myself whilst spinning the best music I could find. For my listeners, I imagined it to be a heralding of the sun, an anthem for the new day. Crystal Fighters’ At Home was one of those such representative songs. The band incorporates traditional Basque instruments like the txalaparta and txistu to set themselves apart from in the folktronica world. Crystal Fighters first album Star of Love (2010) covered a wide range of energetic sound and eclectic feeling, but At Home always stood out from the rest. With the txalaparta on the main stage, the collective vocal effort of the band is powerful and emotive.

Remember everywhere, everything is in this place,
Take a place if you found a place to take,
And if you don’t have anything nice to say,
You can tell it while you take it to your grave,
Wake me up when I’m on the throw to paradise,
Lift me off the ground and take me to the garden of paradise.
I left alone, I left the world I was running,
To be by your side I was dying,
alone by your side I was flying.
I came alone, I’ve come a long way to get here,
The leaves they fall to my feet, at home, they mean nothing to me.

Passion Pit‘s remix bumps up the tempo and sprinkles their signature sound into the mix. The beat kicks a litte harder and the melody soars a little higher in the atmosphere. Where the original showcases the lyrics of love and togetherness, Passion Pit pulls the stops out and pushes the song off one plane of existence and into another. Contagious with body-moving danceability, play loud and dance hard. Say hello to a new kind of sun.

Crystal Fighters – At Home (Passion Pit Remix)

Music Remixes

Passion Pit – Take a Walk (Gold Fields Remix)

Passion Pit’s new album, Gossamer, is another very strong effort from America’s finest electropoppers. The word Gossamer means a cobweb or “something extremely light, flimsy or delicate,” which at first I found as just a cool word and upon further inspection is definitely a symbolic choice by the group. The word does fit in with Passion Pit‘s overall sound which exudes a light, poppy aura. But beneath the airy synth work and uplifting juiciness that propels their tracks are some really dark and relatable messages–like the lingering spider behind every thin cobweb.
It’s all a clear reflection of both Michael Angelakos’ immense talents and inner demons. And the album’s first single, “Take a Walk,” displays this overall dichotomy very, very well. While not quite the best track (or at least not my favorite) on the album, it’s filled with the message that when life gets too overwhelming and shit hits the fan, just take a walk (maybe a REALLY long one?) and maybe life will magically get better…or something.

You’ll see I am no criminal
I’m down on both bad knees
I’m just too much of a coward
To admit when I’m in need.”

Because while nothing in your life may alter by simply putting one foot in front of the other, at least you’ll know you’re capable of aiming for change. I don’t know if anyone in Passion Pit has ever had to sell flowers outside of Penn Station or had to worry about paying rent on time (at least in the last five years), but they’re surely weaving a nice, Obama-nable story. And of course, it’s catchy as hell, which will probably cause 95% of the people that hear this song on a commercial to overlook how creepily bleak it is.

Lately, whenever I go for a walk, the infectious chorus pops into my head, and I ironically find myself bopping along to the chorus. Now, the stellar and rising Australian group Gold Fields has swept aside some of the butter and slabbed on some thick jam with their groovy ass remix to the track that might as well be called the Rollerblading Remix.   The group and this remix are the latest reason why Australia truly is home to the finest music in the world, as they’ve given the song a sultry groove. And helped it further penetrate this head that generally ignores lyrics in electronically-fused songs. Take a walk and tell me if any of this makes any sense at all.

Passion Pit – Take a Walk (Gold Fields Remix)

Gold Fields – Treehouse (GLOVES Remix)

Covers Music

EMPT Presents Indaba Music Weekly: Emily Greene – Starting Fresh

Armed with an arsenal of brilliant songs and a voice that could melt even the coldest heart, New York-based Emily Greene is your new favorite star-on-the-rise. When she’s not on tour playing keys for Passion Pit – you may have heard of them – she’s busy dominating the NY music scene and releasing gorgeous, independently-produced records that showcase her honest, affecting vocal performances and fiery piano chops. Give a listen to “Starting Fresh” below, a cut off her 2010 opus Is This What You Had In Mind.

Emily Greene – Starting Fresh

Once you’re desperately craving more, check out her project Kissy Girls, a duo with producer Pascal Le Boeuf (no relation to Shia, we think). “Be Patient” is, in their own words, “slow, sappy, sex music,” a soft and understated track that marries Greene’s crooning with Pascal’s adventurous synths and percussion.

We leave you with a series of covers, the result of a collaborative opportunity on Indaba Music between Emily Greene, fellow Brooklynites Lucius and Sydney Wayser, and the 700,000+ musicians and producers of the Indaba community. Get ready to dance alone in your bedroom to this reimagined Cyndi Lauper classic.

Alex Niedt – Girls Just Want To Have Fun (feat. Emily Greene, Sydney Wayser, & Lucius)

SixSickSix – Girls Just Want To Have Fun (feat. Emily Greene, Sydney Wayser, & Lucius)

Rick Louie – Girls Just Want To Have Fun (feat. Emily Greene, Sydney Wayser, & Lucius)



Le Miel du Mois by Steph Lund: Aout 2012

Man I have to be the luckiest guy around to have Ryan Radler sending me a mixtape one week and Steph Lund another the very next. I mean, I hear mixtapes all the time, but not once in my online scavenger hunts have I run into such unique tastes and diverse quality. Cheers to the to the best, most eclectic and tasteful, mixtapes in the game.

Every time I hear the the latest installment of LMDM it’s my new favorite. Steph gets better every time so that makes sense, but Aout 2012 is something special. From top to bottom the tape is sensational. It’s loaded with so much emotion & passion it almost broke me down while I was putting it together this morning. I’m pretty good at controlling my emotions but music is where it all comes out and it’s a beautiful thing.

Steph has amazing taste and it’s in full effect here, but these aren’t just a few good songs in a row, there’s a story being told throughout. I couldn’t put my finger on it at first but when I asked Steph why the tape was hitting me so hard she went on and told me how much she’s experienced this month, and then it all made sense. Whatever you do, DO NOT SKIP through it, your experience will be diminished greatly if you do.

The story begins at the end as Snowden sings what could be considered the theme of this novel — “there’s no way to go back now”… When you care about someone even the bad times can have this comforting effect, and the end finds a way of repeating itself many times over. Its such an interesting place and the first half of this tape captures that essence perfectly. The moment builds up into Thony Ritz’s Remix of Spandau Ballet, it comes at the most perfect place and it will rock any music lovers world. From there the story continues and you can’t help but feel like every song is a conversation, thought, or experience. I don’t know the details but it seems to come from a bittersweet perspective of someone who tried, felt as if they had done the right things, and still, things just never felt right. The sweet part comes from having learned from the experience and knowing that all is not lost, which is why the tape ends with Winter Beats, a song that to me is pure romance and is letting us all know that: ‘no matter what happened, the hope is forever alive and the story is far from over’…

Until next LMDM, enjoy.

Current stand out album is the new 7 track EP from Bear Mountain, two tracks are on this mix and it was hard to not put all of them on here…watch out for this Vancouver act. Another stand out is UK artist Florrie – she sings while she plays the drums and is unsigned. Can’t imagine that will stay for too long… favorite summer track right now is Honey Claws remixed by Bronze Whale
Hope summer + the sun never fades….

Le Miel du Mois at work? That’s much better than work at work! Download


    1. Snowden – The Beat Comes
    2. Bear Mountain – Two Step
    3. Cheers Elephant – Doin’ It Right
    4. Passion Pit – Constant Conversations
    5. Bear Mountain – Congo
    6. Pop Etc – Keep It For Your Own
    7. Spandau Ballet – True (Thony Ritz Remix)
    8. Florrie – Shot You Down
    9. Friends – Friend Crush (Jake Bullit Remix)
    10. Sin Fang Bous – Catch the Light
    11. Jamie xx – Far Nearer (SKUFL Remix)
    12. Fredrik – Chrome Cavaties
    13. Yung Life – Isn’t This
    14. C2V – You Can Be The One
    15. Py – These Strings (Face + Heel Rework)
    16. Black Moth Super Rainbow – Windshield Smasher
    17. Delorean – Real Love (Pional Mix)
    18. I Break Horses – Winter Beats


Passion Pit – It’s Not My Fault, I’m Happy

Sorry I couldn’t be there, I was tied to a rocking chair 
I was beat down to a pulp rocking back and forth somewhere 
If you knew, if you saw, you’d have said it was the final straw
That my life was bound and tethered on a porch by the shore 

But there is no easy way to tell them so, the things you know 
And run they say, they think they know exactly so 

It’s not right, it’s not right 
How am I the only one who sees us fight? 
What are we? Who are they?
Who says those bastards don’t deserve to pay?
Well it’s enough, it’s just enough ’cause we don’t stand a chance 
So long you stay around, you’re just another song and dance
It’s not fair, it’s not fair, it’s not fair, it’s not fair
Still I’m the only one who seems to care.”

 Ahh, what a good Monday song!  Passion Pit knows how to reel in a good mellow track with a bit of a jog if you get my drift, another words you can get yourself into a comfortable mood and sometimes that is just what I need to start out my week.  There is so much power and emotion in this track, it’s almost a little bit sad but liberating to take a stand for what you are feeling and knowing that you are not blind to the situations that are going on around you, the situations in where there are two people and one person doesn’t want to see what’s really going on because like me, some of us just want to focus on the positive when sometimes we need to focus on the negative so that we can get through it, understand it and then we can move on to the more positive stuff.  We always want to blame someone else instead of ourselves but one thing I have learned in life is that most of the things that happen to us is our fault because we chose to put ourself in that situation…  Food for though!

I remember the first time I really noticed Passion Pit I was waiting for a show to start at the Upright Citizens Brigade and immediately was drawn to this band.  I love smooth concentrated emotion of the drums, mixed with the synth and how all their use of sound just flows together to produce this carefree emotion that can exist in even the most difficult situations.

Hope everyone is feeling as nice and mellow on this Monday as I am, press play and enjoy!

Passion Pit – It’s Not My Fault, I’m Happy


Passion Pit – Constant Conversations

We are just under a week away from Passion Pit‘s long-awaited Gossamer. It’s been two years since they released the deluxe version of Manners. So we’ve waited, patiently, and now it’s so close. Not so secretly anymore, I’ve heard the entirety of the album already. And, friends, let me say…


Passion Pit pours out some painful lyrics on Constant Conversations, but tempers it with some slow jam style. Frontman Michael Angelakos‘ vocals come down a notch on this song (and most of the album), and we hear a little more of his true voice.

Now you’re standing in the kitchen
and you’re pouring out my drink
And there’s a very obvious difference
And it’s that one of us can fake
If there is a bump in the road yea you’d fix it
But for me i just come off the road

But tonight you got me cornered
And i haven’t got a place to go”

A few tracks into the album, Constant Conversations hits this beautiful, smooth transition in sound and meaning, and it really builds the dynamics of the rest of Gossamer. Sadly, they’ve canceled the rest of their July tour dates because of Angelakos’ healthSo pour some out for Passion Pit, revisit their first album (Manners), and find some feel-good for your day.

Passion Pit – Constant Conversations

Passion Pit – Sleepyhead (The Knocks Remix)


Cold War Kids – Mine Is Yours (Passion Pit Remix)

How far must I go to gain respect?
Umm well, its kind of simple, just remain your own
Or youll be crazy sad and alone.
Industry rule number four thousand and eighty,
Record company people are shadyyy!! – Tribe Called Quest (Check The Rhime)

I’ve been in the music industry for a long time now and it seems like every 4 or 5 months theres something strange going on when people lose sight of their plans in the face of opportunism. It use to bother me knowing that I worked in a world where no one trust each other and people only have honor loyalty through contracts. That was the old me though, I no longer let any of that bother me because it’s simply about protecting yourself.

You see there are three types of people in the music business. People who care about art and want to make great music, people who want to make money and those who just want to be famous. There are however hybrid types who value all three but just be wary of the extremists. When it comes down to the wire those cats will act on their obsessions and destroy all in their path to get it. This may sound discouraging but if your trying to come up in the business its very difficult to avoid these people so just remember to protect yourself. You don’t have to think about it too much, that’s no good because it will take away from your creativity and affect the vibe but just outline your interest, be strong about it and don’t let people take credit for your work.

At the end of the day, no one who plays dirty gets away with it and they do pay the price in one way or another. I’m posting this song today because I don’t play in that game and when it comes to my close friends we’re coming up together regardless of the circus around us…

So if ya heart stop beatin’ I’ll go back in time
Make your heart beat again real ni*&@s till the end
We try to succeed ni$&@s smoke weed
Contemplated, dedicated
To real ni#*@ that could relate it…” – CNN (Live On Live On)

I’ve known some of the people I work with for over 15 years and its always been about the music, nothing else. I’ve been very fortunate to receive love and help from honest people who don’t expect anything in return and that’s what it’s about. It takes a while to understand the impact that has on you but in the end it changes your approach and I’m grateful for it because loyalty is hard to come by these days, so hard that sometime you can’t even recognize when you have it…

What is mine is yours…”

Cold War Kids – Mine Is Yours (Passion Pit Remix)

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