Kid CuDi – REVOFEV (New Single)

I’m your big brother!”

CuDi was arrested last Friday and charged with felony criminal mischief and possession of a controlled substance after the cops were called to respond to a disturbance. Basically, he was wasted and went to a girls apartment but she wouldn’t let him in, so he knocked down her door and then smashed her cell phone. I wonder if it was the same brunette he was with at our Eldridge Noctambule party, hmm?  A week later his new single REVOFEV or Revolution of Evolution is released and in this song KiD CuDi talks to the kids, calling himself their “Big Brother,” go figure.

Wake things might get ruff, no need to stress, keeps you down too much.”

I like CuDi, so this whole thing is more comical than anything. REVOFEV was produced by Plain Pat and though very interesting I’m looking forward to barrage of remixes that are soon to come, the vocals sound like a great palate for some insane dance remixes, enjoy.