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Portugal. The Man – Purple Yellow Red Blue (Rambo Hollywood Remix)

“All I”  can imagine is that we have all had the same big realisations. The big “aha” we feel at various times in life. When you realise you need to get a job to eat. When you realise the amount of time someone was putting in to a project was nothing compared to what you were. Or the amount you were putting into a relationship was nothing compared to the person you oft forget to give the time of day. The bits in the middle can feel unique, but the big staples are just as common as us turning 18, feeling remorse, or identifying the difference between want and need for the first or hundredth time. Arguably, those are the staples, touch points, all humans will feel to a varying degree. 

Keep traveling. Have an open mind. Make sacrifices. All of these choices lead up to the big one. To what we feel is best for us. I’m still at a young enough age where I am my number one fan and enemy, and old enough to know I don’t have to feel guilty about it yet. That is the place I reside. 

Reading up on this song and the meaning paired with this remix feels like that in a way: musical ecstasy. There is something almost comforting about a remix with familiar sounds of an ’80s ballad played seamlessly under the clever, dark words of Portugal. the Man. That Spandau Ballet sort of sound gives the feeling of being lethargic and complacent. Although I can’t be a music hog, I would recommend the following to best enjoy this one: shut your eyes and put this song on and sway side to side, making your own little space. A place in your head or within rocking distance of yourself. I love this place. I used to look at girls dancing in dance halls and near empty bar floors and it took me a long time to realise their appeal was based on their proximity to this space. A confident, fluid place of freedom. 

Another EMPT writer noted that the people who read this are cult-like. The music buffs. Then there are the music hogs — the ones you cringe at when they command the music control. However good their taste, they will dictate the playlist. But I have a different theory; the lovers are here. The lovers of life. The style of it all. The music that somehow fits on those playlists you want to to be heard. The ones you put on when you have the perfect group pf people around and all have a drink or are sitting in that moment that requires just the addition of the perfect track. That is the complacency, the feeling you want from music. It is a lovely way to escalate an already perfect moment — and the sounds of this song drip with it. Pour it out and douse the floor with it.

This song is for the lovers of the hopeless itch. The life itch. Itchy feet yearning to move. The need to find the next track to release to.

All I
Wanna do is
Live in ecstasy
I know what’s best for me
I can’t help it
It’s this hopeless itch
I just wanna feel (wanna feel)
Purple yellow red and blue”

Portugal. The Man – Purple Yellow Red Blue (Remix)


Portugal. The Man – The Dead Dog

Bad ass video. Bad ass song. Kinda reminds me of Justice’s Stress video but anything inspired by that work of art is fine by me.

Portugal The Man – The Dead Dog