Music Remixes

Hey Violet – Guys My Age (Prince Fox Remix)

Guys my age don’t know how to treat me..”

Fuck those lyrics definitely hit close to home.  Chivalry is not dead! Repeat CHIVALRY IS NOT DEAD.  Ya we live in a time where women want to be treated as equals but I think men take that as, ok well I can treat her like one of my boys.  Maybe we aren’t getting the message across clearly, it’s possible and I’m not denying that but for the majority of us ladies I think we enjoy having the door opened for us, maybe paying for drinks and dinner here and there and throwing your sweater down on that mud puddle so we don’t have to get our new fancy heels dirty 😉  Listen babe, you pay for dinner tomorrow night and I’ll make you the best sandwich you have ever had in your life and maybe even do your laundry (FYI I actually enjoy doing laundry to all the single bachelors out there)!

I’ve spent the last decade settling for less than what I deserve because I am a loyal creature, I am a rare breed of women that is most definitely taken for granted and I know this.  I want to fit in with the boys but I also want to be treated like a lady, I am great at taking care of myself but I don’t want that to be taken as I don’t want to be taken care of as well.  I guess sometimes there are mixed messages in this behavior and it’s important to give good communication.  Most of us aren’t mind readers, no matter how well you know a person don’t make that an excuse for not verbally communicating what you want and what you deserve because you think the other person knows or should know exactly what you are thinking and this goes for not only the ladies but the men too.

This track is a banger, I am not even going out this weekend but I feel like I am out already just listening to this over and over again, I love that energy you get from music.  I love when I am looking through hundreds of submissions and I find a diamond, cuz I mean you know they are a girls best friend, men take note!  This remix just dropped yesterday and the anticipation to post it has been making my veins throb.  SO here you go, hope this kicks up your energy a few notches for your Saturday festivities, ladies I hope you get that door opened for you tonight and men I hope you get that sandwich tomorrow morning from your lady when you are nursing that hangover!

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