Processory – Nightfall (Aeroplane Remix)

My bad for the lack of post lately, I’ve been working on the music for a couple of restaurants one of which is nothing but top 40 and needless to say I’m not a 13 year old girl so the style is far from my forte. On top of that Casey Mendoza got asked to play in the Dominican Republic last Friday and I had to bail because my passport was expired – not fresh. Thankfully Kev went down and did his thing so stay tuned for our next trip down, I highly recommend some of you fools fly down and party with us, it will be epic.

Anyways it’s 7 AM on Monday, there’s a million more things to do and I couldn’t be more ready to go. My friend put me on to a Navy Seals hell week training video in which the students go through insane training for almost a week with four hours of sleep. Think about that for a second, these guys are carrying boats, going on runs, crawling through mud flaps for five days straight with 4 hours of sleep – champs. Here we are waking up after 7 hours from the previous night complaining about how tired we are without coffee – not champs.

That made me realize just how many excuses we make for ourselves. We’re all guilty of it, shit I started this post with an excuse and didn’t even realize it. We mask our laziness with these elaborate and creative excuses, but an excuse is not a reason and there’s no good reason for an excuse. To accomplish anything in life, be it personal, career or romance you have to work hard. Of course you have to be efficient and work smart but there are no shortcuts. For some reason seeing those guys push it to the limit like that has stuck with me and made me question all the unnecessary complaining and laziness around me. Our bodies are fascinating, we have so much energy in there yet we suppress it and downgrade ourselves with these inferior thoughts.

There’s something that feels right about Space Age Music at the crack of dawn. Something about it that gets the thoughts flowing and the body going. Alright, there’s much to do but here’s to starting off the week in top form and getting rid of thoughts inferior to our wonderful design, enjoy.

Processory – Nightfall (Aeroplane Remix) low kbps extended preview by PROCESSORY

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