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EMPT Presents Indaba Music Weekly: Erotic Market- “Rumblin'”

Erotic Market is an electro-punk outfit from France. There isn’t too much information about the band floating around the internet, but what is apparent is their sound. The rawness in the female lead—an almost spoken word verse, followed by a more melodic hook—along with the intricate production, are really effective. Check out the music video […]

Fair Ohs – Summer Lake

You know that older kid in school who scares you half to death with his radical ideas, yet you end up getting intrigued even more by his f$#cked up yet interesting way of thinking? No? Well, Eddie Frankel was that dood in my high school. First band I ever heard him sing in was The […]

Pete & The Pirates – Mr. Understanding

The pop/punk blend is a feeling I really can never get enough of, at least when it’s done right. Pete & The Pirates are a band from Reading, England, they formed in 2005 and have since released two official EPs. Their sound is a mix of 80s post punk and 90’s American indie rock, fresh. […]

The Buzzcocks – What Do I Get

With all my friends going from drunk party animals to grandparents overnight, I’m finding it more and more important to indulge in music that keeps things feeling young, fresh and inspiring. Face it, everything was just more magical prior to worrying about jobs and getting married before you you get too old came into the […]

The Presets – Kicking & Screaming

This song makes me want to drive. Really really really fast. Dance Punk at it’s best. The Presets – Kicking & Screaming

Tupac – Nothing To Lose

“Rap music is the only form of vital music since punk.” – Kurt Cobain While that statement would not apply in the present, songs like “Nothing to Lose” from 2 Pac’s 1997 “R U Still Down? (Remember Me)” LP are the reason why he said that. Everyone is so moderate these days, I miss the […]