The Hood Internet – Kaputting It Up (Raekwon x Destroyer)

Yea I’m out that Brooklyn Harlem, now I’m down in TriBeCa
right next to Deniro, but I’ll be good forever
I’m the new Sinatra, and since I made it here
I can make it anywhere, yea, they love me everywhere…” – Empire State of Mind

I tell you, LA is killing it with the healthy food, great weather, Prius invasion and good vibrations but man does it feels good to be back in my stomping grounds. In honor of the city I’m posting this Hood Internet mashup of Destoryer’s Kaputt & Raekown’s Cutting it Up. These songs are polar opposites and I love that the Chicago boys put them together. Some people out there are what I like to call auto-haters, these are cats who don’t give music they can’t immediately identify with a chance because it’s not familiar to them. They deem themselves objective but only within the styles they consider good which is so backwards I won’t even get into it. Mashups like this are a great way to trick those people out of their closed mindedness so props to all the mashup kings for helping to destroy all lines…

Well, tell me then which of these various styles you think is the best then huh?
The best I hear is the combined, the best of all styles. Put them together.”

Anyways, I’ve been working with some very cool people out in Cali and we’re all aspiring to take this music thing to new levels so expect something fresh to develop in the future. In more immediate news we’ve finally locked in June 23rd for the return of our Noctambule series so stay tuned for the official announcement because we’re coming back strong, peace.

The Hood Internet – Kaputting It Up (Raekwon x Destroyer)

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Kevin Casey’s Sample Saturday – Black Ivory et Raekwon

Sorry for the delay ‘yall, real life came in the way of internet life as it sometimes does.  Moving along…when it comes to arguing about the most influential hip-hop albums of all time, Raekwon’s Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… is in the discussion.  This classic project truly re-defined the New York lingo when it came to that gangsta shit.  Wu-Tang solo albums always feature songs with other group members, giving these projects a collaborative feel. As a whole, the Wu has incredible chemistry, but the tandem of Ghostface and Raekwon is unparalleled. The work they have put in over the years has been remarkable, but Only Built 4 Cuban Linx is what really separates their legacy from the rest of the pack. Cuban Linx is a unique album in the sense that it is recorded like an old school gangster flick with Raekwon as the “star” and Ghostface as the “co-star”. Ghost and Rae take listeners on a sonic journey through the trials and tribulations of a crime syndicate, starting as small time hustlers and working their way to the top of the underworld.  Cinematic.

When it comes to influential hip-hop producers, no one can argue against RZA being amongst the top echelon.  Like many Wu classics “Criminology” is made up of two different samples.  The beat comes in using a triumphant horn loop from the funky “I Keep Asking You Questions” by Black Ivory.  If I may step out and say, this loop is not a perfect one… I hear a little extra on the end meaning either the tempo could have been raised a .10 or the sample could have been stretched slightly.  With that said, RZA skillfully fades this part out while simultaneously bringing in the Sweet Inspiration chops that he uses for the verses.  The verses pretty much contain simple bell chops and the grimy Wu drums that we would expect. Wu Tang is forever. (K.Casey/P.Walsh)

Rakewon – Criminology

Black Ivory – I Keep Asking You Questions

The Sweet Inspirations – Why Marry


Enter the 37th Chamber

I hear the Shaolin monks say the Wu-Tang school originated with them… Shaolin still say that?

Two days ago I posted Shawn Lee covering pop and today I bring you the ruff rugged and raw version of that post by a band called El Michels Affair and their tribute album to legendary Hip Hop producer Prince Rakim aka Bobby Digital aka The Abbot aka Rzarector aka Bobby Steels or as most of you know him the Ruler Zig-Zag-Zig Allah – Rza.

El Michels Affair is actually a sort of super group made up of members of The Dap-Kings, the Budos Band, and Antibalas – fresh. I’m sure most of you know by now but the Dap Kings are the guys responsible for that chart topping sound behind Amy Winehouse, much of Mark Ronson’s work and Sharon Jones. I was a huge fan of them but now that they’ve revinted one of the greatest hip hop albums of all time my appreciation has gone to another level. These days production is so impressive, clean sounding and perfect that you start to miss that natural imperfection and error. Don’t get me wrong I’m all about it yet there’s just something that always keeps me going vintage and that something is feeling. The El Michael cover of Heaven & Hell for example is so full of that real life and passion that you start to just get taken somewhere else, I mean as much as I like the Robot Rock I’m still human after all and nothing compares to the real thing. Anyways, this is a noteworthy album and I wish I has more time to talk about it but as usual there’s so much to do before I can officially call it a weekend, enjoy.

El Michels Affair – Incarcerated Scarfaces (Raekwon Cover)

El Michels Affair – Heaven & Hell (Raekwon Cover)

Bonus: Here’s the original Heaven & Hell, probably my favorite Raekwon song.

Raekwon – Heaven & Hell (Feat. Ghostface Killah)


Kevin Casey Music Presents Live From New York (1994-2001)

Man look at these suckers. I ain’t no rapper, I’m a hustler. It just so happens I know how to rap.”

In the beginning Hip Hop was about b-boying, djing, graffiti and emceeing. The drug game of the late 1980’s changed the ghetto so, it was only natural that it would change the music as well. Additionally, Hip Hop itself became quite profitable and in turn created an opportunity for a lot of trapped young artists to leave a life of crime, danger and limits. I’ve come to realize that people perform at the highest level when their backs are against the wall. The extreme conditions and adversity that came from living in the hood was transferred into a musical energy and ‘realness’ that was able to touch and reach an entire world. It was survival of the fittest and to be an emcee in the 90’s you had to hold your own, no exceptions.

You see me all my life I had to sell drugs, while you grew up with straight nerds, I grew up with thugs.”

Why the brief history? Well, if you want to appreciate New York City’s mid to late 90’s Hip Hop you’ll have to realize that these guys aren’t just talking loud and being aggressive for no reason, they’re representing an attitude one needed to have in order to survive and stay sane in the concrete jungle that was NYC in the 90’s. Look at it this way, you don’t go into a battlefield to put your gun down, read a book, have some tea and talk about where you want to summer next year. You’re going to be screaming and hollering, cold, alert and focused at all costs; you’re going to be aggressive and you’re going to be challenging that next man if he’s trying to take you out. Like I said, it was a concrete jungle and survival of the fittest was the type of mentality that applied, “only the strong survive”

That was the mindset in NYC because prior and even during Guiliani that was the reality. I’m not praising it or saying it was correct but if you want to appreciate the music for what it is without having actually experienced that lifestyle, then you have to listen with some perspective. So when you hear lyrics that sound somewhat extreme, violent, and brutal, understand that that is just the top layer and the language only serves to represent issues that went much deeper than the words being used to represent them. Lastly, the only way to escape an extreme circumstance sometimes is to develop an extreme type of mentality. Most people don’t have to deal with such challenges in life so it may be hard to relate. For the sake of this mixtape I suggest you try, it will be worth it.

With that said, we exclusively present a mixtape that captures that time in New York City better then anything I’ve yet to hear – Kevin Casey Music Presents: Live From New York. Officially this is a mixtape but the editing and thought process displayed on this tape will make you think you are listening to an extremely well produced album. The transitions and details from song to song are flawless and carefully crafted. It’s not often a mixtape displays this level of depth with no compromise of quality. Kevin Casey has done his research to provide listeners with an expansive yet refined taste for the best NYC had to offer. Pretty much all classic mainstream and underground NYC hits are represented. However, only the best verses from the wide spectrum made the cut, making the listening experience easy and extremely entertaining. Having grown up listening to this music, I can tell you this was no easy task. Rappers were hungry back in the day and there were a lot of good verses but Casey did in fact manage to narrow it down to the best. All the rappers you hear on this tape are at their absolute prime and deliver their lyrics with the energy and hostility of the street. Like the time it represents, this tape is hardcore, gritty, challenging and extremely entertaining. This mixtape is available as a free download at and was made for the sole purpose of spreading good music. It’s been a while since New York City’s golden era was revisited with such thoughtfulness and sincerity; this is truly worth the listen. All that said, let me end this post like the tape begins:

New York will… not… lose… ever!

Live From New York (Intro)

Live From New York (Intro)



Music Video

Raekwon – House of Flying Daggers (New Video!)

Wu-Tung Clan ain’t nothin’ to f*$k wit”

This video is bad ass. I don’t post too much hip-hop because it pretty much all sucks these days but this is clearly the exception. Produced by J Dilla, House of Flying Daggers is 1994 New York City all over again – gritty, gully, grimy, great. You might get slapped in the face just for listening to it and then find an empty 40 bottle on your bed with your wallet missing feeling like you have to take a shower – Clan in front, let your feet stomp.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard something this raunchy, even the mix (sonic quality) of the record is reminiscent of the pre- Jay-Z days when vocals and music were actually blended artistically. The video itself is an animation that borrows from the classic kung-fu flick The Five Deadly Venoms. This may be confusing to some since the songs title is also borrowed from a movie -  the 2004 cult classic House of Flying Daggers. It’s gory images are the perfect visuals for the machine gun flows the Wu members attack with, reminds you of those amazing lyricist we once had in the game. If this is what we have to expect from Rae’s upcoming album then I’ll be eagerly waiting for the day to come, enjoy.

Raekwon – Run Away (Feat. Ghostface Killah, Inspectah Deck, Method Man & GZA)

Raekwon – House of Flying Dagger (ft. Inspectah Deck, Ghostface Killah & Method Man)