Germany Germany Feat. Kotomi – Real Hero (College/Electric Youth Cover)

I first heard Germany Germany a year ago in a quiet little love affair with a track called Cold Hands. At the time, I hosted a radio show inundated with artists I had obtained from across the internet and across the world. When this track popped up today, I eagerly pulled up the track that had delighted me for a season of 2011. My second and equally exciting  discovery was the name of this new gem. A Real Hero was only the one of the most pervasive and hauntingly beautiful tracks from Drive, everyone’s favorite blood-spattered love story.

Back against the wall and odds
With the strength of a militant cause
Your pursuits are called outstanding
Emotionally complex.

Against the grain of dystopic claims
Not the thoughts of your actions entertained
And you have proved to be

A real human being and a real hero.”

I proudly present you Germany Germany‘s rendition of  College and Electric Youth‘s stunning work. Germany Germany is a Canadian guy named Drew Harris, inspired by the likes of Dntel and The Postal Service. He’s often sparing with the vocals, so he acquired this lovely creature named Kotomi (aka Lauren Hillman). She’s also featured on another of his new tracks, With You. Both are set to appear on the upcoming album Blank Mind Empty Heart (7/16). Create some new loves for 2012.

Germany Germany Feat. Kotomi – Real Hero (College/Electric Youth Cover)