FARR – Rebel Soul

FARR’s newest is a versatile track that navigates electro-rock stylings like a gymnast walking across a tightrope. It’s a track that immediately makes the music industry gears in my brain start turning and recognize the potential of “Rebel Soul”. Radio airplay? Check. Spotify playlists? Check. Advertisements placements? Check! Apologies for being an enabler of the capitalist machine that is the music industry, but “Rebel Soul” could comfortably fit into so many different areas of people’s lives where they interact with music, whether it’s consciously or not.

Saying a song has commercial potential can bring a negative connotation that assumes the music is basic enough to appeal to mass audiences, but on the contrary, FARR have meticulously crafted a piece that holds its own when examined critically. It’s atmospheric, its gritty synth line and guitar-work bring forth a serious edge, its vocals are straight up soulful; there’s so much to explore with every repeated listen, and with that, there’s no doubt I’ll be revisiting “Rebel Soul” soon.

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