Golden Vessel – Right / Side

Golden Vessel’s Right / Side is a prime example of genres melting away into sonic bliss. I had the pleasure of reviewing the EP’s lead single “Shoulders” at the beginning of the summer and it was a much-needed boost of positivity at a rough time in my life. Golden Vessel set such a mood on the track that I could imagine myself slowly fading into rays of sunshine, a notion that rings true throughout his EP as each song is a self-contained wonderment of its own. While the title track blends subtle ambiance with melodic synths that would be fitting on a 2017 The Postal Service revival, Daylight flexes left-field trap percussion and head-nodding bars to match.

As I sit here writing this, I’m about to head up the coast from LA to San Fransisco for the first time in my life. Calling myself excited would be an understatement – I’m about to experience a city I’ve revered for 22 years without ever setting foot there. The overcast weather, the layout of the city, the culture, it all seems suited to my tastes. Right / Side is providing fittingly thoughtful, intricate moments that I hope are mirrored on my stay in the city up north.