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The Glitch Mob 7/22/2011

I’ve been a sucker for the Glitch Mob since one of my best friends showed me “Drink the Sea” last year. I fell in love with their strange, rather glitchy but eclectic sound. They are a revolutionary electronic act, whose sound is pretty incomparable to anyone else in the field. They remind me a lot of Ratatat, aesthetically, because they both do something that no one else really does. There is something really raw and primal to their music, giving them a really smooth tribal quality.

I was able to experience the danced out craze that is the Glitch Mob in concert last night, and all I can say is wow. The entire show was so well-orchestrated, and all of the members in Glitch Mob behaved so professionally, decked out in dress shirts and ties. They were so kind and thankful to be in New York, it was really adorable.

Honestly, I’m a little mind-blown right now. Phantogram and RJD2 opened for The Glitch Mob, and they were nothing short of incredible. I was surprised by how people didn’t really seem to know RJD2 though, because when we got there, there was a lot of talking going on and not much dancing. It was still really beautiful, but I’m just surprised more people weren’t dancing. I think this can only be attributed to the generally young crowd that seems to inhabit Terminal 5 on any given concert evening, but I actually thought this crowd, (for once) was a little older and a little more mature…Until I saw sixteen year olds screaming at the top of their lungs. Guess not.

Phantogram also blew me away, with their fly lead singer, Sarah Barthel. Rocking a Karen O. hairstyle, she headbanged, and played the hell out of the keyboard. It was really hard to not dance to.

All I can say is that the Glitch Mob was able to make me dance way more than I expected, and that’s all I’m ever trying to do. Their sound was perfect too, not too heavy on the bass. They also opened their set with Daft Punk, which was probably the wisest move they could’ve made because it was such a crowd pleaser.

They closed the show with their remix of the White Stripes, Seven Nation Army. Talk about a sexy swagged out song to begin with, when the Glitch Mob put their spin on it, it was just too much to handle, in all the best ways. Terminal 5 as a venue tends to be rather unreliable, because most of the shows are 16+ which means the crowd can get a little young, prematurely drugged out, and out of control. However, last night was a smashing success on all fronts. Bravo, Terminal 5.

I took a couple of photos on my really lousy little flip phone, but their visual set was really something else.


The White Stripes – Seven Nation Army – (The Glitch Mob Remix)

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RJD2 – Ghostwriter (Le Samples)

Kevin Casey left us with a sample-less Saturday yesterday so I thought I’d do one myself and answer a request I got about an old RJD2 post I did last year. The question was,

Do you by any chance know where I can find which songs were sampled for this song? Thanks =D”

The answer to Sara’s question is yes and no, there are so many little obscure samples in this song that unless we asked RJD2 himself it would be impossible to track. However, there are a few main songs that you will easily recognize, those are Betty Wright’s Secrecy and Elliot Smith’s captivating acapella I Didn’t Understand. Both are great songs in their own right and RJ has combined them to make one my favorite productions of all time. I’ve praised Ghostwriter before but I have to note how impressive RJD2’s transformation work on this is. I Didn’t Understand is a rather sad song about lost love and the confusion and rejection people experience when their significant other does an emotional 180 on them..

You once talked to me about love
And you painted pictures of a Never-Never Land
And I could’ve gone to that place
But I didn’t understand…

At this point in my life I’m pretty frozen to these emotions but even so I can feel the extreme melancholy this song creates when listening. Somehow RJD2 managed take a hopeless, depressing and somewhat dark song and transform it into an energetic and upbeat instrumental full of hope and optimism, fresh.

It’s very ordinary for the secretary to take a man away from his wife.
Girls we make it necessary for the secretary to put a little joy in his life.
She takes the time to listen to what he has to say, while all you is nag him a thousand time a day.
Her hair is always pretty and he clothes are always stylish
But you great him with your hair in rollups but that’s outdate and so childish…”

Betty Wright’s Secrecy is a song about a guy whose having an affair with his Secretary because his women at home is a square.  This song is about women, but dudes should take note because its the classic story of taking what you have for granted and being boring in general. When you hold something back, aren’t adventurous, create rules and limits in your relationships be it sexual or emotional or whatever don’t be surprised if that guy or gal goes somewhere else to fill the void.

And when he tries to love you, do you find something else to do?”

Aside from the entertaining lyrics this is just another great feeling soul track with an incredibly catchy horn arrangement, enjoy.

RJD2 – Ghostwriter

Elliot Smith – I Didn’t Understand

Betty Wright – Secrecy

Additional Samples:

Cream – Outside Women Blues (“Hmm’s” at the very end of the song)
Wendy Carlos – Timesteps (Clockwork Orange Soundtrack)
Clockwork Orange Soundtrack – William Tell Overture

RJD2 – Ghostwriter

Deadringer came out in 2002, my sophomore year in college. I was living in a dorm room, had just gotten my first MPC 2000XL and my friend R. would roll through like clockwork every single day to light up a blunt, breakdown song lyrics and just vibe  to good music. I always say college is more about growth then actual school work and my musical experience was no different. Anyways, when Deadringer came out I was heavy into sampling songs to make beats so the first time I heard RJD2 mixing and matching endless samples I was nothing short of blown away. I think Ghostwriter is made up of about 10 or more different songs masterly crafted and arranged in an extremely creative, engaging and unique way. Your talking about songs from different time periods, with different styles and different artist all coming together to create and entirely new experience, for all the people who hate on sampling, that’s what a good producer even when he’s not sampling. Ghostwriter is an instrumental movie so just sit back and let the song take you somewhere else, enjoy.

RJD2 – Ghostwriter