Robby Hunter Band – Hard On Me

I can’t tell you how much I love a productive Sunday. Waking up early, getting a good run in, sitting for a while on a random bench in the park just staring at the sky, then eating fruits and yogurt for breakfast. It’s all a part of what I’m calling my new weekend regimen. Or at least Sunday regimen. I’ve spent so many Sundays in a less than ideal state of laziness, non-productivity, wiping off the weekend from my eyes until Monday rolls around. Sundays and summertime kind of go hand in hand for me, so I guess that’s why I’ve had a change of heart. This song has been playing on my speakers all morning and I’m so into the attitude of the guitars right here.

But never mind the punch in the guitars, this song is sexy. Like, come on, he just wants to hear your body scream. Is that so much to ask for?

Oh, you give me all you’ve got if you want some
I’ll fight you on the floor if your mother walks in
And give me all the love if you wanna
Take me, fight me on the floor, I’ll give it to you.”

There’s a weird and awesome guilty pleasure thing going on here. It’s that suffering of not wanting to give in, maybe because the other person is just trouble. It’s that wanting from afar. But with a little cockiness, hence the guitar, which works so well. When girls say, “I don’t really know he’s not like super cute or anything but gosh he’s sexy.” This is the song they’re talking about. That voice, that confidence, that attitude.

Open the windows and let a little Robby Hunter Band into your ears and fantasies.

Robby Hunter Band – Hard On Me