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The Preatures – Is This How You Feel?

  Do you ever put on a song and immediately start jigging? That’s how it is when I press play on The Preatures’ “Is This How You Feel?”. The bass & guitar mesh well together in a Fleetwood Mac-esque sound. The male singer, Gideon, has a verse sandwiched between lead female vocalist Isabella’s, who takes the […]

La Femme – Sur La Planche

Vive l’été! Quand je suis sur la planche, tout est bon. Et quand nous sommes sur la planche ensemble, alors…c’est comme nous sommes le monde, et rien d’autre existe. La Femme – Sur La Planche

EMPT Exclusive: Interview with Corsica Arts Club

EMPT gets a ton of emailed songs from up-and-coming artists, most of which we regretfully do not get to post. However, once in a while we find a gem and reach out to the performers to learn a bit more. Today, writer Nicky DePaul catches up with Corsica Arts Club, an emerging band out of […]

Jagwar Ma – Come Save Me

Some days it seems like the world is going to shit. I think people have always felt this way, but damn. Power plays for “strategic” locations (see: Crimea, Senkaku), unceasing government sponsored murder, institutionalized racism (as bad as it gets in the USA, it’s worse oversees)…not to mention the 5th IPCC report detailing the true […]

The War on Drugs – Red Eyes

Rock music has seen a decline in relevance over the past few decades. This was partially inevitable, because public tastes move in cycles and no one was quite living up to the examples set by The Who, The Doors and, kings of kings, Led Zeppelin. Not only were those bands pushing records and selling out […]

Blur – Girls & Boys

Damon Albarn does not get enough credit. I’m biased, it’s true. There aren’t many people who would gladly listen to the full “Monkey’s Journey To The West” soundtrack straight through. I have been a Gorillaz obsessive since the first album dropped, and have purchased everything Albarn has been a part of before or since: The […]

EMPT Exclusive Interview: Superhumanoids

  All band names are not created equal. The Monkees is weak. Led Zeppelin is heavy. Yes is boring, yet quirky. Thievery Corporation is genius. Superhumanoids is up there with The Flaming Lips and Arcade Fire as one of the best-named active bands. No one really knows what a superhumanoid is, but its evocative, playful […]

EMPT Presents: French Press, Vol. 1

Artwork by Evelyn Wilroy The idea for the French Press playlist series was a simple one. Create a playlist for a blog with a french name with the word French in it. Voila, the French Press series. Ironically, I’ve never used a French Press to make coffee, but I’ve heard great things, so I’ve stolen […]

WZRD – Teleport 2 Me, Jamie (ft. Desire)

The movie Drive made Desire’s Under Your Spell an instant classic and on February of last year Kid Cudi revealed his project WZRD (an alias he uses for the rock project where he partners up with Dot Da Genius). Drive’s soundtrack has the ability to transport (or teleport me, for that matter) to another time […]

Spin Doctors – Two Princess (G Templeton & Branded James Remix)

Children of the early 80’s that were –or so we believed– at our prime during the 90’s remember quite vividly the Spin Doctor’s album Pocket Full of Kryptonite and it’s famous hit single Two Princess. I will not go into details about the things I was trying to do to that song — many times. […]