Pink Slip – Said It All (Feat. Estef)

A syrupy, saucy and sweet bass line like this is just perfect for waxing poetic, as Estef does with sass and style over Pink Slip’s groovy production. Clearly influenced by jazz, funk and early 90’s hiphop, Pink Slip has created a soundscape that’s equal parts bouncy and smooth, oozing an exciting and sophisticated sound. Estef uses the musical canvass to paint a charming picture of a not-so-charming topic – a break-up. Her honesty and wisdom about the push-and-pull of the situation is as refreshing as it is relatable, and the result is a quite enjoyable listen.

“I’ve already said it all.”

Her point makes me think of something i’ve been reading recently about human history and language. There’s a line of thought in some spiritual communities that as blantantly essential as language/speaking is, it’s actually been inherently divisive for two reasons: 1.) Our essence/spirit/soul is supposed to be able to communicate “telepathically” – without words – the same way insects, fish, animals and trees/plants/flowers do. Many believe our connection to each other and the Earth was instantaneous – meaning I could think something and direct it you and you’ll immediately think it – before the “invention” of language. 2.) Language is one of the main reasons we feel “different” from one another. If I speak one language, and you speak another, we can’t communicate. Maybe thousands and thousands of years ago, I would have been able to communicate with said person through our inherent connection. But by relying on our own languages, now we can’t communicate.

Of course we can’t just wish for a world without words, it’s waaaay too ingrained in (most) every culture on the planet, but it’s fascinating to look at something at commonplace as language and see it as something completely different than we always casually assumed. What if there was only one language on earth? It could solve so many problems, but it also might suck large amounts of culture away from societies/countries/nations. What would the world be like if nobody could speak for one full day? A week? What if when people start colonizing Mars, they’re encouraged not to speak as to try to re-develop their inherent, internal communication powers? It sure would be amazing to see how it all played out. But for now, we can rest comfortably and let Pink Slip and Estef do the talking, even though we know she already said it all.

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